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For our Blind Dogs in Need…

Here we have provided a simple method to enroll your blind dog in Second Chances for Blind Dogs. First, file your application either using the online form or printable version. Each applicant is required to complete animal consent form to complete donation registration.

Non-Profit for blind dogs

Our mission is to help as many blind dogs as possible by supplying them with Muffin’s Halo to help them navigate in this world and have a second chance. So many are left at shelters scared and disoriented. They are the first on the “To Kill List.” We are determined to educate the world on how a blind dog can have a great life with the tools needed to soar. Our goal is to bring forth awareness for blind dogs and champion for them, so they can have the best chance of getting rescued/adopted. Second Chances For Blind Dogs is a 501 (c) (3) organization.


Update “Winston just received his Muffin’s Halo thanks to Second Chances for Blind Dogs Angels!” Louise Gemma Backstory  ” I went to LA Vegfest and came home with Winston. He was on a leash at Best Friends Rescue and he was just wandering wagging his tail. So happy! I asked about him and as soon […]

Update “Thank you muffins Halo Boomer can navigate without hitting his nose every time you turn around. He is getting used to sleeping with it. I’m so grateful for your company and when I get on my feet I would like to donate thank you again.” Ron and Boomer Backstory “Hi my name is Ron […]

Backstory Lulu is an 11 year old Chihuahua who sadly lost her sight a year and a half ago. It’s sad to see her bumping into things all day long, so much  that she knocked out all of her front teeth. She tries to play with the rest of the pack from time to time […]

Update “Thank you so much for all your help & caring!” Sara’s mom Backstory “My little dog Sara has been totally blind for some time. She has had several medical conditions including Progressive retinal atrophy (both eyes), cataract posterior polar (both eyes), superficial corneal ulcers, IBD, etc. However I control the IBD with strict diet. She […]

Backstory “Trooper was surrendered to us in 2011 because he was partial blind and also heartworm positive. We found a great home for him later that year, however he has now come back to our rescue as 1 of his owner has now committed suicide & the remaining spouse can not take care of him. […]

Update “I want to THANK YOU tremendously for your generous donation. You have prolonged my Spyro’s life! As I mentioned before, I will pay it forward when that time comes. May God bless you for your kindness and generosity. ” With much gratitude, Rachel Ann Lopez Backstory 4-26-16 “When my daughter and her father chose […]

  Backstory  Batty is only 5 months old and has had a rough start to life. Not only is he blind, but he likely has glaucoma in both eyes and may need them removed. He also came to us covered in feces and has a large abscess under his chin. Sacramento SPCA

Backstory “Hi! We finally got to pick up Doc (originally from TN) this morning from quarantine. We are fostering him for his rescue Survivor Tails Animal Rescue in Massachusetts. Here are a few photos of him in his Muffin’s Halo for the first time. THANK YOU so much for donating it to him, he is […]

Update Check out blind dog Maurice who went from being found in a trash bag to now thriving with his new blue Muffin’s Halo that Angel Arely Padron Beso gave him♡ Bravo Maurice! May you navigate into a loving forever home soon as you have captured many hearts♡ Update “Remember Maurice, the little blind poodle who was […]

Update Lexie Lou got her halo today! She is quite excited and trying to get used to it. Thank you so much Angels! Backstory  My name is Lexie Lou and I am a very sweet and loving black and tan Min Pin. My mom picked me out when I was just 3 weeks old. She […]

Update Hello, Part of me can’t believe i am writing this but wanted to touch base and tell you that we lost Rusty Saturday, our Golden Retriever love, late in the night due to an unexpected neurological event that was too great for his body to endure. ☺ As much as our hearts hurt we […]

Update Rosie and I are beyond thankful for her new halo! She is still getting used to it, but it will be so nice to see her gain some of her confidence back! Thank you ❤ Backstory Hi, my name is Rosie, a.k.a. RoRo! I’m a 9 year old chihuahua who lives in Phoenix by […]

    Update Eli got his Muffin’s Halo! Doesn’t he look adorable? Our angel Dee Dee who recently lost Buster filled out an application to adopt Eli, in honor of her Angel. They are meeting this weekend. Praying all goes well and they end up together♡♡ Backstory  “On April 22, a good Samaritan witnessed a […]

  Update “Cookie’s Halo came today. She is doing great well with it. When she bumps the Halo on something, she stops and then walks in the other direction. She also seems to have more confidence when walking get around. I am so thankful. She even ventured outside with it today!” Thank you so so much! Diane B. […]

Update Thank you so much, Tessa received her MUFFIN’S HALO today. It’s beautiful and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts♡ Backstory Tessa was a puppy mill rescue. She was a breeding female that didn’t produce puppies so not profitable. She was bought undercover from Amish miller and adopted 2 months later […]

Update “Lily’s halo came in today. We are so excited for her. Thank you to her angels that donated to her. “❤❤❤ Crystal Backstory “Lily is 4 years old. About a year ago we noticed her starting to run into things. So we checked her eyes, pupils didn’t really dilate. We took her to the […]

Backstory Finn Magoo was rescued from a shelter in Southhampton County, Va after his owners of 10 years had dumped him because they could no longer care for him. Finn was in rough shape. He had never been vetted, wasn’t neutered and was covered in ticks. His mouth was in terrible shape, he needed a […]

Updated “He is adjusting. He is ready to go for a ride every time he has a vest on that’s why he’s waiting at the door.” Martha M. Backstory “Valcore was born a double Merle. He was born with no eyes and deaf. He’s a true blessing to our home.” Martha M.

Update “Bella and I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for her to get her halo..we appreciate it so very much. I will post more (and better) pictures later,we just wanted all to know we received it and we’re grateful. and hugs from Bella and I.” Sherry Bower Back Story “Hi, […]

Update “This is our little Peaches she is totally blind. This is where Muffins Halo’s comes in. I wrote to see about a used halo. The next day I was notified someone or more had volunteered a brand new halo for Peaches. I can not begin to thank you. We have been gone out of town for Christmas […]

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