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For our Blind Dogs in Need…

Here we have provided a simple method to enroll your blind dog in Second Chances for Blind Dogs. First, file your application either using the online form or printable version. Each applicant is required to complete animal consent form to complete donation registration.

Non-Profit for blind dogs

Our mission is to help as many blind dogs as possible by supplying them with Muffin’s Halo to help them navigate in this world and have a second chance. So many are left at shelters scared and disoriented. They are the first on the “To Kill List.” We are determined to educate the world on how a blind dog can have a great life with the tools needed to soar. Our goal is to bring forth awareness for blind dogs and champion for them, so they can have the best chance of getting rescued/adopted. Second Chances For Blind Dogs is a 501 (c) (3) organization.


Update “So thankful for the Angels who donated the muffins halo for my Jayden! Got in the mail beginning of week. Jayden is learning to adjust and trust a little more. She is starting to wag her tail now. So happy that she is coming out of her depression and she can get around without […]

Update We received Muffin’s Halo for Rocky and we are extremely grateful to have such a quality product that fits him perfectly and is so well made. Rocky lost his remaining eye in January to painful glaucoma and was spending most of his time on beds and sofas so that he would not injure himself. […]

Update Freddy got his Muffin’s Halo! Dear Lisa and Silvie, “Please browse the attached photos taken today of my dear old poodle, Freddy. I hope you can see how happy he is with his Halo. Now that he’s gotten used to it, he’s able to navigate our house and backyard with confidence, with his head up, […]

Update “Today was visit the veterinarian day for wellness checks and vaccinations and he wore his halo in, none of the veterinarians or staff members had ever seen or heard of a halo, and the veterinarian I saw has a blind and deaf basset hound. Little Man got his Muffin’s Halo thanks to Blind Dog […]

Update “I was able to pick up Marjan‘s Muffin’s Halo today .  The results have been  immediate as you can see. Thank you very much for giving him hope I am so grateful.” Carol R. Backstory “Marjan was a severely neglected dog that was dumped at the Sacramento County shelter. When he came into the […]

Update Check out Mousey in her halo! Thank you so much to our friends at Muffin’s Halo.  Mousey’s foster Mom reports that she is getting used to her halo and doing well. Backstory Sweet Mousey is a great example of amazing, resilient puppy spirit. Mousey was dumped in a box on the doorstep of one of […]

Update Marley got his Muffin’s Halo. Backstory “Two little sibling pups stole my heart in 2007. Marley, the male and his sister Maggie. Four years ago, Marley was diagnosed with a Canine type of Luis. He had to be put on high doses of Prednisone to help to attack his disease. Unfortunately, one of the […]

Update “Reagan got his Muffin’s Halo! Thank you Angels ♡” Joleen L. Backstory “I am writing for some help and guidance. Please allow me to share our story. My dog Reagan is a puppy mill survivor. I rescued him at 6 weeks old. Was told he was a Rat Terrier, but ended being a Yorkiepoo […]

Update Hamilton aka Hammie got his Muffin’s Halo! Thank you! Megan B. Backstory “We were contacted about Hamilton aka Hammie around September and he has just come into my personal care as a foster parent. He is the sweetest boy, but you can tell he is coming into new scenarios and due to cataracts and […]

Update “I got it last night. Thank you so much.  Y’all are amazing! Thank you again!” Casey L. Backstory “On March 7, 2016, I lost my first dog, he was a Keeshond and was only 3 years old. I was devastated. I knew the only way I would be able to grieve would be to […]

Update “A huge “Thank You!!!” to whomever our generous donor was. Keitaro is already navigating better! It was very hard to keep him still because he now wants to go everywhere! Merry Christmas!’ Sara D. Backstory Our Min Pin, Keitaro, (12 yrs old) is going blind due to cataracts. His peripheral vision is completely gone […]

Update “Riley received her halo. We thank you Angels and she is learning how to walk around at a good pace with out fear of bumping her face:)” Karen C. Backstory “Riley was originally going to be put down after her mate died. Her owner had some issues beyond her control that did not allow […]

Update “Thank you very much, we really appreciate it. It really means a lot ! We were all so excited:)” Toneja W. Backstory  “My name is Toneja Williams and I am contacting you in regards to Cinnamon, who is not only four legged friend, but a member of the family, who we all love and […]

Update “Christmas came early for Ash and I wanted to thank you and all your angels for gifting a Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs to him. Here is a picture, of him wearing it. He has adjusted easily to it and slept in it his very first night wearing it. He is way less barky […]

Update Thank you so much for donating a Muffin’s Halo to my forever foster Jack. He has used it twice now, and I have noticed that he is much more confident when walking around. With the halo on, he does not get caught in the chair legs under the dining room table. It also keeps […]

Backstory We received Deke‘s halo today and I must say he looks VERY handsome! His “seeing eye cat” needed to check it out and gave it two paws up.  Thank you so much for helping us protect Deke as he enters his last stage of vision loss. You truly are angels. Eileen M. Backstory 11-9-16 […]

Update  Bear got his Muffin’s Halo! Thank you Angels♡ Backstory “My income is fixed, I am 80 and live with a handicapped person. We both are troubled by our health issues, and now Bear is suddenly blind. We are praying a Muffin’s Halo can help him.” Roberta W.

Update Panzer got his Muffin’s Halo! Backstory “Panzer had to have his eyes removed 2 weeks ago due to Glaucoma and PRA.” Tina D.

Update “Harry’s Muffin’s Halo came today and he is thrilled! (So are we!!!) he has a home visit with a potential adopter today and his is excited to show off his new found independence. Thank you Angels, Silvie and Muffin for helping Harry reach his full potential and find a furever home! Here is a […]

Update “Hey guys, thank you so much for my Halo!!!  After being dumped at the pound I was taken in by a local rescue group and placed with my foster mum. It was hard to adjust to my new surroundings at the ripe old age of 12, but since my Halo arrived I have a […]

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