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For our Blind Dogs in Need…

Here we have provided a simple method to enroll your blind dog in Second Chances for Blind Dogs. First, file your application either using the online form or printable version. Each applicant is required to complete animal consent form to complete donation registration.

Non-Profit for blind dogs

Our mission is to help as many blind dogs as possible by supplying them with Muffin’s Halo to help them navigate in this world and have a second chance. So many are left at shelters scared and disoriented. They are the first on the “To Kill List.” We are determined to educate the world on how a blind dog can have a great life with the tools needed to soar. Our goal is to bring forth awareness for blind dogs and champion for them, so they can have the best chance of getting rescued/adopted. Second Chances For Blind Dogs is a 501 (c) (3) organization.


Update Thank you so much for donating a Muffin’s Halo to my forever foster Jack. He has used it twice now, and I have noticed that he is much more confident when walking around. With the halo on, he does not get caught in the chair legs under the dining room table. It also keeps […]

Update “Mercy is adjusted quite well to her halo. She is back to being her previous independent self! Thank you so much to my Angel for assisting her with this transition in her life!” Kim Backstory   “Mercy is an 11 year old Boston Terrier. I rescued her from a puppy mill when she was […]

Update Daisy trying her Muffin’s Halo for the first time. Thank you angels Backstory  “Daisy is a blind Bichon Frise who’s “mommy” passed away in December of 2015 leaving her care to Daisy’s 87 year old “daddy”. He recently was hospitalized and was no longer able to care for Daisy. Also, Daisy is currently being […]

Update Piper got her Muffin’s Halo! Backstory Piper was rescued just over a week ago from a hoarding situation along with 23 other dogs. She had to have an enucleation immediately and has little vision in her remaining eye.

Update “Hello. My name is Brandy Nease and I was lucky enough to have a Muffin’s Halo donated to my Miss Scarlett. I am so over sorry I have not got to say thank you before now. Within a day of receiving the package I had my nose busted ( ironically from Miss Scarlett), a […]

Update  “Piggy got her Muffin’s Halo…Thank you Angels ♡Thank you so much for Piggy’s halo!!! She is doing very good with it on and no more ouchies on her little noggin!! Thanks again!” Margie Backstory “Piggy was dumped at a shelter in Kentucky last August after laboring in a puppy mill her entire life. A […]

Update “Khorben is rocking it out in his blue Muffin’s Halo! Thank you Angels♡” Joy J. Backstory “Khorben was found roaming the streets, abandoned by his owner because he lost his sight due to cataracts. He came to us, emaciated, shaved haphazardly, and hunching over whenever touched. Despite all of that, he is a loving, […]

Update ” Harley got her Halo. Thank you so much” Tanya Backstory “She has lost her vision in her right eye and is losing it in her left eye. She has to have the right removed in a couple of months. I am on disability and cannot afford a halo. Thank you considering my Harley girl.” […]

Update “Madori says thank you angles and muffin’s halo for donating my halo!! I’m still trying to get use to it but I seem to like it so far and no more bumped head… 💞😊” Ryan S. Backstory  “This is Madori, we rescued her 6 years ago from a shelter. She came from a hoarder […]

  Update “Check out Shaylee enjoying her new Muffin’s Halo! Now she can explore without bumping her head or her eye (ouch)! Thanks so much to the generous donors from Second Chance and Silvie for this wonderful invention to help blind dogs live a more fulfilling life. Now she’s already to go visit Grandma’s!” Kimberly […]

Update “Andy is so happy with his halo! We can’t thank your angels enough! I know that my Andy isn’t hurting himself anymore & am so thankful for that!” Deana C. Backstory “Andy was pulled off a street in Houston. Westbury rescue told me it was after the flood down there, last year. When I […]

Update “Thank you my Angels from Second Chance and Muffin’s Halo. I’m getting around but still not sure why I stop before I hit the walls, lol but Thank you so much from my Mom and Dad and lots of love from DJ🐾🐾😍💕” Sherilyn W. Backstory  “Several years back DJ was attacked by our neighbors […]

Update “Thank you angels! The entire Saving Grace family is so happy that Gerry was chosen to receive a halo. Gerry was quite excited to get to go exploring this afternoon. We can’t wait to watch Gerry‘s confidence grow with his halo as he searches for his fur-ever home. Thank you again!” Gerry & everyone at […]

Update “Stella said thank you all for her halo. She got it today. We will send a video tomorrow after we go for our walk.” Wendy M. Backstory “Stella was abandoned by her previous owner when the owner moved. She was turned into the shelter by the landord. She was full of mats and had […]

Update “We got Bobo’s Halo yesterday! Thank you so much! It is something new to him, so he’s going through the ‘getting used to it’ stage. This is really going to be a BIG help to both him and I when we move and he has to learn new ‘paths’. Thank you again! ” Gregory […]

  Update “Dear Muffins Halo for Blind Dogs “ANGEL FRIENDS”- Jack and I would like to THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity. You ALL have Blessed us beyond what I could ever Thank in a Letter. Jack is already getting used to his new help and hopefully in time he will be a little more independent again.This […]

Update Angels, “The Muffin’s Halo is just perfect for Zoey and she knew immediately what it was for. She has learned her way around the house. It’s wonderful to see her move around confidently. I am so grateful to Second Chances for sending Zoey her halo. She moves very tentatively unless she has the halo […]

Update “Good afternoon Sochi Strong this is Gracie I received my halo today. I would like to thank my angel and everyone who cheered me on. Here are a few pictures my mom took today. I will update everyone this weekend for the true test. Sending all her love Gracie” Dianah G. Backstory “Here is […]

Update “Rocky is Loving his new Muffin’s Halo!!  We thank you very much for making his life “bump free”!  After a few hours of getting used to it, he’s a confident pro now!!  You have a great program and it’s helping so many dogs like Rocky!! Thank you so much!!” Rocky’s Mommy, Mary Backstory Here is […]

Update “Sochi, I wanted you to be the first to know, Dazey got her halo from the mailman today! So excited to try it out. THANK YOU, Again!! <3 <3 <3 Ginger W. Dazey is getting a Muffin’s Halo in honor of Sochi’s 6th Birthday! That is 3 blind dogs he got to help. His […]

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