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My precious 14 year old toy poodle Muffin  Bordeaux, went blind almost three years ago due to  cataracts. I was devastated, since he kept bumping into walls and fell down the stairs. He became very depressed and was afraid to move around. I could not let him out of my  sight and carried him around everywhere. I searched the  internet extensively for solutions/assistance. That was when I realized that  there is a great need for products to assist blind dogs, so I  invented this device, “Muffin’s Halo Guide  For Blind Dogs ® ”  that has changed his life, as well as mine. Muffin now knows his home again and can travel with me to any hotel or friend’s house and gets to  familiarize any new surrounding, quickly. He just loves this aid and is back to  his peppy confident self!  Muffin also loves all the attention he gets when I  take him on walks, as he looks like a little angel. Most importantly, I can leave him at home for hours and know that he is safe.

While I was inventing this product, we discovered Muffin had a mass in his stomach. I  consulted with multiple vets, changed his diet, and gave him daily iron supplements and medicine, hoping to reduce the mass. As a result, he was doing  well and was more energetic.

During a follow up appointment to check on his mass, a certain Vet lacerated him internally by  mistake, leaving Muffin dying on the operation table.  Muffin had to have  excessive amounts of blood transfusions and emergency surgery that cost me an  excessive amount of money, but most importantly, great emotional distress. The  Vet told me I had to prepare for the worse and that Muffin would probably not  make it through the night (I still cry when I think about that day.)  They feared his main artery was cut and that he could not survive this type of  injury. I was petrified, devastated and in total disbelief.

As Muffin (who recently went blind and was traumatized in the Emergency  Room with complete strangers) was in critical care fighting for his life, I was  on my knees sobbing all night. I was surrounded by his bed, toys and clothes and  pleaded to God to please save my precious dog and give us a “Second Chance.”  I promised in return, upon his recovery, Muffin and I would be of service and dedicate our lives to helping blind dogs.

My greatest prayer was answered and after many weeks of tender loving care, Muffin recovered and was given a “Second Chance.” I have since worked on and developed “Muffin’s Halo Guide  For Blind Dogs ® to now make it available for other dogs facing this issue.  I was  stunned to find out how many dogs are abandoned or put down because they go  blind.  Muffin’s Halo can now save the lives of many dogs!  It no longer has to be painful
for the dogs and their owners, as I have a great solution to help this  transition.

My life’s purpose now is to help as many blind dogs as possible.  My dream is for all blind dogs in shelters/rescues to be wearing Muffin’s Halos to help them navigate themselves into their furever homes quickly and take the stigma of blindness away.

Second Chances For Blind Dogs is a 501(c)3 organization.  Please join me in creating a powerful movement worldwide for Blind Dogs!  Your donation and support is much appreciated.  Please see many of the blind dogs who benefit from your donations on our success stories page 🙂

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