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“Jojo got his halo! Thank you so much! He is already feeling so confident! 

Deja & Jojo

Back Story
Jojo is a 10.5-years-old #blindpomeranian. Jojo was adopted back in January. He was completely matted, teeth rotting out, and blind. His previous family had neglected him pretty bad and he ended up needed to have most of his teeth pulled at the old age of 10-years-old which was extremely difficult for him. His teeth were so badly infected and rotted he was nearly in sepsis. Despite these trying issues, Jojo made an amazing recovery. His blindness stops him little from enjoying life, some of his favorite activities are going on rides in the car and swimming in the pool or beach. He has trouble going up and down ramps/stairs and bumps into things commonly. He is the friendliest most trusting dog regardless of his past. Recently he has been struggling with a fully collapsed trachea as well as a recently diagnosed heart murmur. He has to take daily medication. The Halo would greatly improve his confidence and quality of life I believe. He is pretty lazy as of late but still enjoys a walk or hike from time to time. Always come with me to work!




“We just received it yesterday. Thank you again!”

Selena & Guiseppi

Back Story

Guiseppi is a 15-year-old #blindboarderterriermix. My Guiseppi was diagnosed as both being blind and deaf just last year. He is bumping into things daily that he barely wants to go outside or anywhere in our home anymore. It breaks my heart how terrified he gets when he bumps into things. I put this off but now I need help. He is so scared of everything now. I’m hoping your halo will give him a little more confidence to roam the house. Thank you.




“Thank you for giving Merle his freedom back!”

Hailey & Merle

Back Story
Merle is a 10-year-old #BlindAustralianShepherd. Merle was diagnosed with Diabetes in April 2020. In the summer we began to notice he was losing his vision and starting to bump into things. Now in October out vet believes Merle has lost 90% of his vision. He does alright inside our home, as he knows where things are for the most part but outside (where he loves to be most) he has an incredibly difficult time getting around and not colliding with things (trees, people, fences, etc)

Merle has always been an extremely active farm dog, since his diabetic diagnosis and going blind… he has become very unmotivated to go outside and run around due to the number of times he’s run into things.




“Cracker loves his halo! Thank you so much.”
Chris & Cracker

Back Story
Cracker a 10-year-old #blindchihuahua.She was diagnosed with diabetes in September 2018. He wasn’t feeling good, was lethargic, vomiting, and urinating all over. We took him in that evening to the vet and his BG was over 700. We were told to put him down because it was a lot of work to take care of a diabetic dog. I said no, not until we know what everything it entails. Two years later and here he is living life to his fullest. He’s a spunky little guy and this has not stopped him. His vision is starting to get worse and we can’t afford eye surgery. He gets startled very easily, is running into things more often, and gets lost a lot. My heart breaks for him because he deserves the very best.




“Here is little Miss Tippy in her new halo. She doesn’t seem to mind having it on which was my main concern. I know it will get easier over time and will help her to not run into things. We are so appreciative of your organization and the angels for giving our little girl the chance to have a full life.”

Thank you!
Karen & Tippy

Back Story
Tippy is an 11-year-old #blindchipoodlemix. We adopted Tippy from a local rescue in January 2009. We actually went to view a different dog and this little black fluff of a girl was just so friendly that we ended up watching her interact for 45 minutes. She just wriggled with joy at the kids! Having young grandchildren, it was important for us to have a tolerant dog. Tippy quickly wrapped us and our extended family around her little paws. She loved snuggles and laying in the sun!

We recently noticed that she was much less active and walking funny, like a little old lady. We now know that she was likely trying to navigate herself with poor vision. It seems like she lost her sight over just a couple of weeks. She started walking into things and would stay in her crate or a small corner. It’s been heartbreaking but we know we will still give her the best Pupper life possible! We have two other rescued Puppers, a 12-year- old golden retriever mix with arthritis, and a four-year-old poodle mix with epilepsy so you can imagine how often we go to the vet. Being retired, we can spoil these fur babies all day long.

Tippy used to love going for a walk or a ride would stalk lizards in the yard. Now she just lays in her crate or next to me on the couch.



“Thank you so much for donating the Muffin’s Halo for Kipper.
It’s such a big help to him and makes such a difference in his confidence.
I really appreciate you reaching out to me and offering to send the halo.”

Patricia & Kipper

Back Story
Kipper is an 8.5-year-old #blindschnauzer. He was diagnosed with diabetes in April. His vision was fine until about 3 days ago and now he is completely blind. He is still active and a halo could help him adjust and not bump his head.




“I would like to say I’m blown away by your generosity. Boris and I can’t thank you enough. Boris is a very loveable but clumsy Pug who likes to explore the garden and house. He’s struggled to do this since being diagnosed with SARDs in 2018. With the halo, he can now do this without risking any injury. He’s recently had a bad eye injury from bashing his eye so the halo will hopefully prevent that from happening again. He loves his donated harness and the freedom it gives him to explore. Thank you for designing such a great product and helping so many blind dogs!”

Barry & Boris


Back Story

Boris is a 10-year-old #blindpug. He was diagnosed with SARDs back in 2018 and very quickly lost his eyesight completely. He’s recently had a bad accident where he bashed his eye. He’s currently recovering and I’m hoping he won’t need surgery to remove his eye. He reacts badly to the sedation drugs at the vets so surgery would be very risky!
He’s very clumsy so bangs his head on just about everything he goes near!! I’m hoping a halo will stop this happening again and save him from bashing his head so much. His activity level is low, I think mainly because he’s afraid to move around.



“Thanks to Second Chances for Blind Dogs for donating a Muffin Halo for Lucky. We received it yesterday and I wanted to share pics of him wearing it. We both love it! It totally helped Lucky from running into things.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and your organization for the donation. It’s been hard financially trying to adjust to Lucky having SARDS and Osteoarthritis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

You guys are awesome!
Sheila & Lucky

Back Story
Lucky is a 10-year-old #blindjindo. He is a rescue from a high kill shelter that I fostered and eventually adopted him. He was going to be euthanized and they literally pulled him out of the room just in time. I have been blessed to have him for these 10-11 years, and I look forward to more.

Recently, I found out that Lucky has SARDS in addition to osteoarthritis in his hips. This came so suddenly with no preparation. Within 2 weeks or less, he became blind. I am devastated, however, I committed to giving him the best quality of life for as long as he lives.

Before the blindness, he was active. Walking 2-4 miles a day. Now his activity level is low because he is dealing with blindness and osteoarthritis in the hips.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford the Muffin’s Halo with the vet bill and trying to come up with the money for physical therapy. I would love to have one for him so he could have more flexibility and protection as he tries to figure out his way without seeing. Thank you for listening to my story and I appreciate everything you all do.



“We wanted to say THANK YOU to our special Angel at Second Chances for Blind Dogs. When Roxy went fully blind, not only did it become a struggle for her, but was also hard for us to watch. Seeing her run into the walls and furniture was truly heartbreaking. Without understanding blind dogs, we immediately thought her quality of life would suffer greatly. We were so wrong. Because of your donation, our sweet girl can maneuver around the house and outdoors. We can finally stop gasping each time she walks near something. She is now able to walk freely without fear. You are truly an Angel to us and to her. She has jumped so many hurdles with her health that we have no doubt, thanks to her new Muffin’s Halo, she will be able to adjust to being fully blind. Roxy is a fighter, she is definitely our little warrior dog! Thank you so much!”

Kelly, Matt & Roxy

Back Story
Roxy is a 14-year-old blind#pomeranianmix. We got Roxy 5 years ago when her family put her up for free on Facebook. We found out a year after having her, she was Diabetic. Since then we have exhausted our finances with surgeries and trying to keep her healthy. She is scheduled soon for surgery with two tumors near her backside.

She went blind last year and has done well but now she is losing her smell and is hitting everything. I have moved furniture the best I can but I worry to leave home. She has already walked off our deck because of her sniffer not working like it was before. So she is not only blind by sight but blind by the nose. Your help with a halo would be a blessing and so appreciated. I am a chronic patient myself and deal with my own disabilities on a daily basis. I don’t want to see my dog suffer. She’s a great dog and our only baby! She saves me, I have to save her. Thank you.

She can still walk around the block, but she prefers to stroll. We bought a stroller when we first got her 5 years ago and we try to get her to walk on cooler days and stroll on the hotter days. She doesn’t play with her toys as much but she does get a burst of energy once and a while. She does like to walk around the yard too.




“Thank you to the angels who donated Larry’s halo!”

Britney & Larry

Back Story
Larry is a 2.5-year-old #blindjackrussellpug. We have had Larry for 2.5 years and over the past weekend, he suddenly lost his sight. The vet told us that it is from a genetic condition. He seems to be in high spirits but is bumping into things a lot now. He is fairly active and loves playing with his toys, going for walks, and fetching his ball inside.

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