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“Thanks a million for Bella’s halo!  It gives me great comfort to feel like I am protecting her as much as I can and also giving her a better quality of life. Also, I absolutely love the hot pink! Just to let you know I am working on a picture of her for you.”

Thank you,

Marianne & Bella


She had cataracts and has been blind for 3 yrs. Her activity level is good. She still plays ball along with her sister.



“Thank you so so much!”
Sara & Spanky

Back Story
Spanky is a 12-year-old #blindmaltipoo. He had to have his eyes removed about two years ago. He is very frightened to move around and mostly stays in one spot. He won’t even walk towards us to come in from the yard when we call him so hopefully this would help him feel more confident in his world. Otherwise, he is in good health and likes to wrestle with your hand but would never dream of biting too hard.


“As promised here is handsome Handle in his perfectly made angel wings! We can not fully express our gratitude for this gift!”
Many, many thanks!
Susan, Debra & Handle
Back Story
Handle is a 10-year-old #blinddachshund. He was diagnosed with diabetes 3 months ago. He is still bouncy. I can not tell you how grateful I would be for Handle to get a halo!



“This is my dog Cashew! She is a chihuahua mix and is 8 years old. I adopted her a little over a year ago. Her previous owners surrendered her at the shelter because she was blind with a congenital retina defect where she is only able to see pitch black. With the halo, she is so confident! The halo is very good quality and strong so that she doesn’t hit her head against walls or corners when she is excited and running. She is so much happier with the donation, and we could not thank you enough!”

Cashew’s Mama & Cashew


Back Story:
I adopted Cashew over a year ago. She was originally from Vallejo, CA, but her original owners gave her up because she became blind. They also kept her in a crate, so she was unable to practice walking with her other senses while adjusting to being blind. Cashew’s blindness is due to genetics with her retinas. She became blind around age 7 with both eyes.

Cashew’s activity level is normal but walks slower than other dogs to avoid bumping into things, especially when at a new park. She would definitely benefit from a halo because she runs really hard into walls.

Bella Star


“We did try the halo out and Bella Star doesn’t seem to mind it at all.  She was excited to have a harness on.  The grass is still very damp but I am hoping I can get some better pictures of her later this evening. Here are a few pictures that I took this morning.  Her halo was a little crooked.  All of the stores are closed here so I am going to try to fashion a t-shirt for her to eliminate the harness from sliding.
I am delighted with how well the Muffin’s Halo is constructed.  The Velcro is the strongest that I have ever come across.  The parts really hold together perfectly and the halo extremely simple to put on.  I also love that the wings alert people that she is blind.   Although I am confident that she would never snap at someone, it does frighten her when people, especially strangers, come at her suddenly from above.  I have to constantly remind them that she is blind and educate them (especially younger people). on how to properly introduce themselves to dogs.  As soon as people see her, they just want to rush her.  They don’t know any better.
I left the halo on Bella Star for about 30 minutes just to see how she would react to it. She didn’t struggle at all when I was putting it on her.  I have the halo adjusted just above her head because she tends to put her head downward and cross-cross, using her nose as a guide. I am hoping that in time, she will learn that when she is wearing the halo, she cannot run smack into things and will begin to raise her head when walking/running.”
Thanks again!
Bella Star and her 2-legged Mommy!


We had been hoping to adopt another dog as a companion to our other rescue, Bruce, who was aggressive both towards people and dogs. During his obedience class, our training instructor brought in Bella Star. She was only 6 weeks old and I was afraid Bruce was going to hurt her. He barked and nudged her a bit at first. Then, all of sudden, he started playing with her and she with him. We took her home that day!

Until about 2 years ago, Bella Star was pretty active and always very lovable. Except for allergies to all things chicken, she has been pretty healthy. All of sudden, she began walking in circles and tilting her head sideways. A trip to our vet revealed she was blind and could only see shadows. Our vet treated her with antibiotics and steroids hoping more of her sight would be restored. Although the treatments didn’t restore her sight, our vet assured us that Bella Star would adapt and encouraged us to try getting her to lose some weight.

We tried assembling some home-made gadgets like the halo to help her navigate the yard and our house but they fell apart. As our vet said, she has adapted very well. As she has lost weight (in the last year, we have worked to get her down from 46lbs to just under 35lbs), she is able to run faster and tends to run into things more often. We want her to be able to play and run after her partner in crime (Bruce) without hesitation, but we worry constantly that she is going to run into something hard. We have done our best to safeguard our house and the yard but one wrong turn and she can still run smack into our house or fence. We play with her daily as does Bruce, her seeing-eye dog.



“George received his muffin halo today! This is an advance birthday gift for him. He is still adjusting on wearing it but I know he’ll get used to it. Thank Silvie Bordeaux and all the angel donors. God bless you all.”

Love lots,
Bethsie & George


George is my baby, I named him after my dad, who passed away last August. We noticed he started hitting and bumping his head on walls and other things. so, we took him to the vet. The vet gave him different kinds of medications and eye drops but still after weeks of treatment his eyesight didn’t improve. The vet said he is already blind in both eyes. We’ve been to 3 different vets and we still don’t know the cause of his blindness. One vet said it was because of his age.

Please help my baby get Muffin Halo, it will help him navigate especially when we’re outside or at the park and for him to be more confident. George loves going to the park and seashore. God Bless you all….



“Guido thank you for such giving me a Muffin’s Halo. I can explore my yard again”


Back Story


Teddy was a perfectly normal dog a couple of months back. We suddenly noticed that he started bumping into walls & had a hard time going down the stairs. I took him to the vet and found out he was going blind. It saddens me to see Teddy sometimes forgets he’s blind and begins jumping and running outside when he’s excited. Teddy enjoys going on walks. Due to Teddy going blind his activity level has gone down by a lot. He has a hard time walking around our big yard due to being scared that he’s going to bump into items around him.

I think this is an amazing opportunity for my doggo to get a halo that will make him feel more confident in doing his everyday life activities.



“The Barking Lot (TBL) would like to thank you for your generous donation of a Muffin’s Halo to improve Cupido’s life!

This great little guy has been through so much, coming to us from Thailand after having endured some pretty awful circumstances. He came from Nakhon Panhom as a result of the 2018 Rabies Scare in Thailand. He had undoubtedly been someone’s house dog. When he was found by our rescue partner Soi Dog Foundation, his eyes were terribly infected and non-visual. He also had a problem with one of his kidneys, so it had to be removed along with both of his eyes, but his remaining kidney is fully functioning. None of this stops Cupido and now, when he goes to adoption and fundraising events, he will have the confidence to get around even better than before. Importantly, when he gets adopted and leaves his foster home, he will be able to safely adjust to his new home and environment.

We are so thankful for this amazing invention to help blind dogs thrive!”

Very best,

Lauri Julian, TBL Public Relations

Stacy Parmer, TBL Founder


Cupido is absolutely heaven-sent, though he made his way to The Barking Lot rescue after having endured some pretty awful circumstances. He came from Thailand as a result of the 2018 Rabies scare. He had undoubtedly been someone’s house dog. When he was found by our rescue partner Soi Dog Foundation, his eyes were terribly infected and non-visual. He also had a problem with one of his kidneys, so it had to be removed along with both of his eyes, but his remaining kidney is fully functioning. None of this stops Cupido from being the most loveable little man. Although he gets around okay in his foster home, we are hoping he will get adopted. But then he won’t be used to his new surroundings. so Muffin’s Halo will keep him safe and give him the confidence he needs to thrive in a new home.



Here is our friend Murphy wearing his new Halo.  This is very helpful for him especially when he goes to new places.  Now Murphy holds his head up when he walks without fear of bumping his nose on things.
Thank you so much for this life changing gift for Murphy!
Stacey Olson
Lovebugs Rescue Director


We rescued this little guy from the Downey Shelter where he had been turned in as a stray. He is used to bumping into things and walks with his head down to avoid hitting his face. We hope that a halo will help him hold his head up high without fear of injury.



“Thank you so much!  Ghost is slowly but surely getting used to his halo.  Since the halo, he’s saved himself several bumps to the face and is slowly regaining his confidence.  Our family cannot thank you enough for sending him a halo and helping us make sure he has a good quality of life in is golden years!”

Thanks again, angels!
The Patrick’s


Our family adopted Ghost, and his brother Charlie, 10 years ago. Earlier last year we noticed his eyes becoming cloudy and we found out it was due to cataracts. Ghost and Charlie were best friends and even before his sight began deteriorating, Ghost stuck like glue to Charlie. Charlie would help his brother get around. Unfortunately, we lost Charlie in October of last year and Ghost has been struggling to get around without his brother and much less confident than he used to be. We would really love for our sweet boy to enjoy the rest of his golden years and regain his confidence.

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