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Izzy got her Muffin’s Halo!
Thank you Angels♡

“Oh, my goodness! Thank you so very, very much for the Halo for my baby Izzy!!!! We were not expecting this at all! I wrote you her story but didn’t even think she would get one! Tears of joy! We are so happy!

This will give her more freedom when we are in places, she is not familiar with and gives her more independence as right now she is always on a leash and harness. She’s not used to not being able to go where she wants to without running into things. Now she can!”

Thank you so much and God Bless!


Back Story:
Izzy was diagnosed with diabetes in April 2019 and became blind within a month. Very challenging to be 10 in January 2019 and then becoming blind by May. She is okay when inside our home for the most part, but very challenging in different environments. I no longer let her out without being on a leash as she wound up getting into a shallow creek early on and she hates not having her independence. She is also mostly deaf.



Thank you and the Angels so much for this wonderful generosity! Archer is doing so well and we couldn’t be happier. We took him on a trip to his grandma’s house soon after receiving the Halo. It was heartwarming to see him in an unfamiliar place and moving around with confidence. We’ve attached some pictures of his latest adventure and look forward to many more!


Archer is our sweet, loving miniature dachshund. He has always preferred cuddling under a blanket over a walk in the park and will literally suffocate you with affection (i.e. lay on your face and force kisses). This past September, Archer went suddenly blind and was subsequently diagnosed with SARDS. Although it hasn’t been easy, Archer is brave and resilient and continues to adjust to his new normal every day. He enjoys exploring the backyard but typically takes it slow.



Sade got her Muffin’s Halo!
Thank you Angels♡

Thank you so much! Here she is wearing it!!!


Back Story:

Sade was diagnosed in April 2018 with diabetes. Sometimes managed well but not always. We moved from IL to NV in July 2018. She recently lost her sight. She’s 100% confirmed blind in the right eye and just about 100% confirmed blind in the left eye. It breaks my heart when she runs into the tree or back of the house in the yard. She tends to hit on the side of the couch. We don’t move anything in the house, so she remembers but the light outside or nightlight outside is disorienting. Sade would benefit from a halo



“We could not be more  thankful to all the donors that allowed her to receive one! She loves it!!”

Thank you again!!!
Hanna and Gigi



Gigi is 9 years old and suffers from glaucoma in both eyes. She had been suffering with this condition for over two years and has gone completely blind within the last few months. Gigi faced the possibility of having both eyes removed, but her vet has decided she can keep them. Gigi is also riddled with extreme arthritis in her legs, meaning that her bones in her feet pop out of place and lead to immense pain when she walks around and runs into furniture. With the numerous visits to an eye specialist and after paying for expensive medication, her owner, a college student, has been struggling to keep up with all of the bills. With the help of the Halo, Gigi will finally be able to walk around the house without risking running into furniture she can no longer see and further injuring her legs.



Cody received his halo..yay. !!.. and mama bear is over here … crying and laughing! There isn’t enough words I can come up with to express the gratitude and gratefulness that we have for you and your Angels…Thank you for your thoughtfulness, kindness and donations

Cindy Tessmer


Cody is 12 years old and he is my world and my everything.. Recently this year, he started having eye problems and I noticed he was having a hard time out when the sun was out.. Now that a month or two has progressed he’s starting to walk into walls and things. I am on disability and I live by myself.. so the financial situation for me is very tight. I took him to the vet and so far spent over $600 just in office visits and testing and eye drops. He does have cataracts in both eyes.. and the one eye has a red vein across his cornea. Financially I cannot afford cataract surgery or further testing . And it breaks my heart because I want to take care of him to the best of my ability.

He is a trooper when he isn’t sleeping! He doesn’t go for walks down the street anymore but I do go out back in my yard with him in a small area and try to get him out and about and walking around but he’s very skittish.



Cassi received her Muffin’sHalo. We can’t thank everyone involved enough. My sweet girl loves it. She was diagnosed with SARDS one year ago and has had a difficult time adapting. Cassi’s Halo has been on a very short period of time and she is already doing so much better.
We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year !

Thank you again,
Tanya and Cassi

Isn’t she adorable?!!


I rescued Cassi 9 years ago. She was a neglect case and wasn’t expected to live, but she made it and has been living the best life. Just over a year ago she went blind overnight and was diagnosed with SARDS. Cassi is still adapting to her blindness and smashes into EVERYTHING. Cassi has recently been diagnosed with Cushings Disease and her medication for one month is $300. I’m on medical leave awaiting a major back surgery, so a Muffin’s Halo for Cassi would be so greatly appreciated as I can’t afford to buy her a halo.
Thank you for reading our story,
Tanya & Cassi

Finley Drew

Here I am enjoying my back yard again leash free ♥️? Thanks so much I really hate being on a leash in my own yard but it kept me from running into the fence and the house but now I can wonder around on my own with my moms supervision   It’s wonderful seeing him so confident again!

Thank you Angels!



He was taken from a breeding situation and adopted by some one who claimed they were allergic and left him outside on a farm (even in winter) where he was chased by coyotes the adopter said the thing that saved him was his small size he could fit under the porch and the coyotes couldn’t. I took him in made him a house dog it took him a little bit to adjust toys scared him at first he didn’t know what they were for. When he finally got used to the good life he came down with diabetes when we thought he had that licked (keeping his sugar down getting used to twice daily shots) he lost his sight. Now he’s afraid to explore or do very much of anything I feel like we’re back at day one. This poor little guy can’t get a break. His activity level has decreased considerably since becoming blind. I would say on a scale of 1-10 probably a 2 at this time but prior was considerably more active.



Hi everyone. It’s Colors. I wanted to send you all some pictures of me with my new halo! Without all you Angels out there this would not have been possible. It has already helped my confidence and just today the SAINT org. got a message that someone wants to meet me! It could be my new someone special. The foster home has been great but can’t wait to have a forever place of my own. Red heart Thanks for your love and prayers




Colors is a 3 year old Pit-Mix. She was surrendered to our shelter right before Christmas of last year. Had 6 pups in the shelter. Then in March one of her eyes had to be removed because of glaucoma. Then two weeks ago the other eye for the same reason. Our non profit paid for the removals and took possession of her. We are now looking for her forever, loving home. She was in our shelter for over 8 months. I have been spending time with her and I would say she is at a medium activity level. She loves to play fetch. Thank You for considering Colors for a Muffin’s Halo today. ~Gail Moscato S.A.I.N.T. Org, AZ


Update 12-15-19

Time for us to recognize an amazing organization that we have used multiple times. They are called Muffin’s Halo For Blind Dogs and they provide halos (see photo!) to blind dogs. We can’t tell you what a game changer this has been for some of our doggies, most recently Luca. Luca came to our hospice program as a scared, old, mostly deaf, completely blind dog. He would shake and spend most of his time rolled up in a dog bed.

Then he received his Halo. It allowed him to gain confidence. It allowed him to have a life worth living. That is priceless. We are so thankful for Muffin’s Halo!

Luca is featured in Muffin’s Halo calendar, which raises money to provide Halos to other pups in need! Please considering donating to this worthy cause. They make a world of difference for blind, scared doggies.

Update July 25, 2019

Good Morning Silvie and The Angels and thank you for your patience. Luca had been very concerned when the foster first introduced his new Muffins Halo. With very slow care and support she has been working a lot with him to ensure he was comfortable and had a positive interaction every time the Muffin Halo was put on him.

I am so happy to report that he is getting much more comfortable and is now cruising around the house well and loved the dog park this weekend. Thank you for helping him stay safe and excited for life’s adventures. He sure is loving life, seeing with his heart that’s to your wonderful donations to dogs in need. Thank you again for all you do and your support. ~Eileen Hill


Luca is a 14 y.o. Mini-Schnauzer. He came from a shelter in Arkansas. He was shut down, shaking and covered in infection. Rescue partners helped get him safe up to Minnesota where he lives with his forever Foster now apart of the Hospice program. This is the description from his Hospice Foster, his forever Mom: Luca came up to Minnesota in February 2019, from Arkansas, listed as 11 but more than likely 14 years old. He had a very bad yeast infection over his body and ears and had scratched and chewed himself raw. That has since healed but he has numerous other issues. He is completely blind and deaf, most likely the result of too many untreated infections. All his teeth have been removed. He was also diagnosed with the beginning of canine cognitive disorder or doggy dementia. The dementia causes him anxiety and when stressed he paces in circles, cries, panics and potties. Despite all his ailments, he is making progress and finding joy. He is starting to find his way around and learning to navigate stairs. He paces, cries and panics less. He still potties inside but I am going to start him in diapers and see how that goes. Small steps but they are something.

He enjoys his foods and makes quite the mess of it. He like being outside and sniffing. When he is being walked, he doesn’t walk – he prances, proudly, like a show dog. I think in his mind, he is a show dog. He usually can find his doggy bed to nap in or make it down the hall to the bedroom at night. I wasn’t sure about him sleeping in my bed, but I gave it a try. Luca does not move, he curls up as close to me as possible, puts his head on me and sleeps. I know this is him letting me know he loves me and is thanking me for taking care of him. That makes all the messes worthwhile. I will do everything I can to make sure his remaining time is the best as it can be, while showering him with love and affection. Thank You!
Eileen Hill~ Forever Love Hospice, MN



Hi I wanted to send a huge heartfelt thank you to Elsa‘s angels! We have received her Muffins Halo and she has been wearing it. It is so nice to not jump out of my skin everytime she bumps into something. This is going to improve her quality of life so much. Thank You just doesn’t seem like enough!


Elsa is a 4 year old German Shepherd. 3 weeks ago we took her to the vet with red swollen left eye. When it wasn’t getting better we took her back and it was already too late for the left eye. Took her to specialist yesterday and she had lost vision in the right eye as well. In 3 weeks time she went from being able to see to completely blind. Elsa is a very active pup with a huge prey drive. I heard about Second Chances For Blind Dogs from my FB blind dog group. Thank You, Angels.~Tristy Hoogacker, TN

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