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Bella was dropped off at a kill shelter as a stray. She had no collar on but was wearing a pink bandana. She spent 2 weeks there before we met her while we were pulling dogs for our rescue. She seemed so sweet but we could tell that something wasn’t right. It didn’t take us long to figure out that she was completely blind. The shelter was not yet aware of this. Of course, we knew we had to get her out of there immediately. She is currently in a foster home with someone who is experienced with having a blind dog. Our vet believes that Bella was most likely born blind. In spite of her challenges, she is a happy, playful girl that will be very blessed when she finds her forever home!

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Scooby Blind German Shepherd Mix


“My name is Sandy Norris and I volunteer for German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption out of Raleigh NC. I was contacted about Scooby, a blind GSD mix who had been dropped off by his owners, at the Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington NC.

I went out to meet him and my heart just broke. He was so scared and lost. It became very clear he just wanted to crawl in your lap and feel safe. I ask our intake if we could bring him into our rescue.

Without an open foster home that can handle a large blind dog we could not help. I went out to the shelter the next day and spent more time with Scooby. I took him on a walk in the woods and spent time with him in the room the shelter had designated for him. They did remove him from the kennel floor because he was so stressed out hearing all the barking dogs not knowing they were in kennels.

He has been in his 5×5 room for at least 2 weeks and still can’t get his footing.
I decided to work my tail off to get him out of the shelter and into a foster home. With the go ahead from our Rescue board I made a plea on the shelter page. GSRA would pull him and get him vetted and his heart worms treated if someone would foster him.

A family put in a foster application this week and we are fast tracking the app to make sure it is the right place for Scooby. All of our fosters and adopters have to have a vet check, home visit and agree to take the dogs to our vets for treatment.

We supply everything, vet care, Meds, food, bowls, crates, collars, leash, toys we only ask the fosters to provide love and basic training.
I’m attaching some pics of him at the shelter.
When I saw your organization on FB I thought that Scooby could so benefit from the Halo.

We are a 501c Rescue and the Davidson Shelter is a small county shelter. If you could see it in your heart to donate a Halo to Scooby we all would be forever grateful. If you can’t at this time I understand but I thought someone needs to step up for Scooby so that’s what I’m doing.
Thank you for all the pups you do help.

Sandy mom to Emma, Jake, Junior, Bowtie and many wonderful fosters
For the love of animals


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“It really is like he knew it makes him special. He is really quite proud of it as you can see from the photos.”
… Johanna


I love blind dogs.  I learned about them when my 7 yr old Dalmatian developed glaucoma and required having her eyes removed for her comfort.  She had lost her vision and the pressures were outrageous.  I have glaucoma and at that time there were no vets in the area that could treat her so she saw my own eye doctor…..that was a long time ago… since then I started fostering puppies from the south for a local rescue.  I had more than 175 come through in less than 2 years.  I loved it.  I have loved Dalmatians since 1961.  I rescued 3 special needs Dalmatian puppies on my own.  I developed a reputation for being really good with puppies and special needs puppies were my love, so I was asked one day if I would like to foster a blind pit bull puppy who was in the pit bull protection program.  She was suppose to be euthanized with her blind sister and were secreted out of the state of NC.  One look at her, and I knew she was never going to go anywhere, love at first sight.  I continued to have the foster puppies in, but I know had 4 large special needs dogs of my own.  I was contacted by a person who does rescue in Texas about a 6 week old blind puppy called Puke.  Puke’s mother had been thrown over a fence into a nice person’s yard.  She gave birth to 3 or 4 puppies.  Only one lived, Puke.  He was bottle fed and hand raised obviously with love, and when the time came for his eyes to open, it was obvious something was not right.  It was clear to them shortly that they would not be able give him what he needed, so they looked for rescue.  A friend of a friend of a friend got her to me and my little sanctuary on the coast of Maine.  I offer the blind dogs the chance to just be dogs.  We have lots of trails through the woods and over dirt roads.  That appealed to the people raising Puke, so it was arranged that he should come here.  I don’t like calling my dogs names like Puke, would not want a self fulfilling prophecy you  know.  I have page on Facebook that helps support the sanctuary, and we trotted out a bunch of names and settled on Seeley.  I arranged transport, and Seeley came to Maine.  He is now a year and a half.  In the summer, we all hitch up to leashes and use the paved road.  Just to many people.  But as soon as school starts again all the tourist leave and we own the whole of Nabby Cove and pleasant beach.  We have permission from all the land owners to walk through and check their cottages.  Seeley is a very good boy.  He minds so well he is allowed off leash.  He runs through the woods with my deaf dog Jefferey.   Jefferey wears a bell so I can hear him should he ever decide to take off, he is 5 and watches me like he is afraid I might take off.  Seeley listens to the bell and runs right off Jefferey’s shoulder.  Sometimes Jeff runs him into snow banks or trees so we thought the halo might be a good thing for him.  He is named for the character special agent Seeley J. Booth on Bones…. he can sniff out any clue… anyway… since you don’t have a FBI agent suit he would like the quarterback model.

Seeley Blind Hound Halo


Tomi Blind Pomeranian


“Thank you so much for donating Tomi’s Muffin’s Halo. His halo is the most beautiful thing I have seen on a pet. He’s doing so much better and no longer bumping into objects. He has even started running after his foster brother Tucker the Dachshund. Thank you for helping Tomi.”

Claudia Ybarra Bordeau


Tomi was owner surrender at the high kill Carson animal shelter. After dedicating 14 years of his precious life his owners decided to dump this senior dog off at the shelter.

To make matters worse Tomi is partially blind or completely blind. No dogs should be at the shelter especially senior blind dogs. I made the decision to make and overnight trip from the Bay Area to Los Angeles to rescue Tomi and foster him until we can find him a fur ever loving home. Until then he will be with me and my pack and get the much love he deserves.

I’m grateful to Furball TV for posting videos of shelter dogs in need. It’s because of people like Chris at Furball TV that make it possible for us to see dogs in need and were able to rescue.

I will be taking Tomi to see our dogs veterinarian so Tomi can get a full exam to check his eye sight and a large mass he has under his tail. I will keep everyone updated on Tomi health.

I would like to thank Second Chances For Blind Dogs for donating a much needed Muffin’s Halo, since Tomi crashes into walls and objects. What you do for blind pets is amazing and you help make a difference in pets lives. Thank you all for your support and helping Tomi.

Tomi Blind Pomeranian Mix



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Tilly is getting a Muffin’s Halo being paid forward by Mimi Estep in honor of her Beau who recently passed away.


“Tilly is my 10 year old shiu tzu who is my little girl and I love to bits, it came to my attention about a month ago one Thursday evening around 10pm when she starting running around disorientated running into walls, doors , my wheelchair and she was so scared bless her, and so was I in fact it was awful .
I took her to the vet the next day and they confirmed her vision had gone and her eyes were just a grey cloud I was guttered , they said that there was a consultant I could go and see to see if there was anything they could do but it was hundreds of pounds just for the consultation , or if I wanted to take another option and put her to sleep then it was my choice … I cried my eyes out at the vet and took my dog home .. I couldn’t even think of putting her to sleep she is healthy in herself she loves the heat in the sunshine and been outside in the garden , and cuddles with her mammy, obviously she won’t go outside for walks anymore but I don’t blame her .. I
do all I can to help her and try and prevent her from bumping into walls
etc but sometimes she still likes to follow me around the house when I am
pottering on instead of just chilling out she has to be with me all the time and causes her to bang into things .

I then seen your product online and I really feel this could make a difference to my dogs life and mine , as you can appreciate been in a wheelchair it’s hard work for my self .. I would greatly appreciate if you
could get back to me and any help is appreciated for me and my girl .. And
to prevent her from any more injury .

Many thanks,
Lisa Hedley in UK

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Muggle dragged himself to a carport in downtown Atlanta to die. He had massive head wounds and maggot infestation. He was either thrown, drug or hit by a car. He survived a complicated surgery to address his head wounds and clean out the maggot infestation and infection. He also has a ruptured ear drum. He then had a second surgery to remove his right eye due to a melting ulcer and road rash. During this surgery, his other eye ruptured on the operating table. They chose to remove both eyes instead of euthanizing him on the spot.


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Now unbreakable China Doll protected by her Halo

Blind dog China Doll

Thanks Angels  for China Doll’s Muffin Halo! She is doing absolutely awesome with it…she is walking fine in it and it put me her dad at ease…she really needed this she is forever grateful and so am I. Thanks so much Sandy. N china doll!
China doll u have nething to say? Yes of course I do! bol
Lubs yoos.. Tanks yoos. I beez walking around and not bump into dem monsters. That come from nowhere.. Tank yoos from the d bottom of meez wittle heart! China doll

Backstory: I found her on Facebook…her picture was posted on Annabelle the chi….she was on death row in the Washington county tn ac….she has some serious medical problems…. She is blind, deaf, has dementia, and has severe arthritis…. She was picked up as a stray…she get around OK but bumps into things I’m scared she’s gonna damage her eyes….she is my lovey….she a happy dog I keep her I’m my bedroom as she doesn’t like other animals and I taken safety measure to insure her safety….I appreciate all that u do thanks again…china dolls sez tank yoos…..and she lubs yoos and yoos work.


Betty Who Survived Attack From Javalinas That Left Her Blind Not Trotting Again with Her Muffin’s Halo!


Look Angels! BETTY has her halo and independence back in honor of Muffin’s 15th Birthday Celebration.
Miss Betty received her Halo!
She took minutes to adjust, and was soon trotting around her yard with more confidence. What a joy to see her smiling so
Thank You So Very Much Second Chance For Blind Dogs, & All of the Awesome Angels & Donations!
Time to go show off the new dudes at Yappy Hour

Backstory:  Betty was attacked by a pack of Javalinas , she had her neck head and belly punctured. Along with a couple of teeth.
My Dad jumped in and saved me, we were in our front yard. Due to the damage I lost my sight.


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Muggle is now navigating with his blue Muffin’s Halo thanks to your generous hearts.


Muggle dragged himself to a carport in downtown Atlanta to die. He had massive head wounds and maggot infestation. He was either thrown, drug or hit by a car. He survived a complicated surgery to address his head wounds and clean out the maggot infestation and infection. He also has a ruptured ear drum. He then had a second surgery to remove his right eye due to a melting ulcer and road rash. During this surgery, his other eye ruptured on the operating table. They chose to remove both eyes instead of euthanizing him on the spot.

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Q is for Quite a Cutie in her red Muffin’s Halo!

Blind Shih Tzu Q

Hi Angels,

Q received her Muffin’s Halo!

Thank you so much for helping her when I could not. I will never forget your kindness to us. She is a wonderful Gal and I have never regretted rescuing her as a blind dog when she needed me.  Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart,
Q and mom Mickey

Backstory:   Q was either dumped or was in a car accident with her human. She sustained a smashed pelvis, a huge cut on the top of her head(so bad no hair grows there) and two detached retina’s making her permanently blind. The vet estimated her to be 8 years old last year making her 9 now.

Lone Star Shih Tza and Llasa Apso rescue took her in, fixed her pelvis and head however, there was nothing to be done about her eyes. She lived in the rescue and they tried to adopt her however, seni…or, blind dogs are hard to place so she lived in a cage, with time out for exercise, for 9 months. During that time she got really aggressive (to protect herself).

I had already committed to adopting Holly (another horrible story although she is not blind) when I saw Q. I decided to adopt them both as neither had much of a chance for adoption. They needed a good home and I have one. A friend of mine that is a retired flight attendant and her husband flew them both to Birmingham from Houston, TX, rented a car and met me halfway to Atlanta so I could get them.

At the time I had three other rescues (one has since died of a brain tumor). Q was aggressive to humans and my dogs as she was very afraid. I have worked really hard with Q to fit in our family and it has paid off as she is no longer aggressive and fits right in.

Q has learned her way around my home by using the walls to guide her so she is always bumping her eyes and getting ulcers. She has also developed Glaucoma in her right eye and bumps it as well.

I take care of my 90 year old Mom and the 4 Fur Babies however, I can no longer work outside of my home due to health issues of my own. I have had two major abdominal surgeries in 4 months.

I could never afford to get Q the Muffin’s Halo and if there is anything you can do to help her get one I would appreciate it so much. She is a great Gal and I love her so much and hate that I cannot afford one for her.

I haven’t much money however, I give back by doing legs of transport for rescues when possible.

Thank you for any consideration and help you can give us.

Mickey Facente
Please donate at

“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”


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