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Betty Who Survived Attack From Javalinas That Left Her Blind Not Trotting Again with Her Muffin’s Halo!


Look Angels! BETTY has her halo and independence back in honor of Muffin’s 15th Birthday Celebration.
Miss Betty received her Halo!
She took minutes to adjust, and was soon trotting around her yard with more confidence. What a joy to see her smiling so
Thank You So Very Much Second Chance For Blind Dogs, & All of the Awesome Angels & Donations!
Time to go show off the new dudes at Yappy Hour

Backstory:  Betty was attacked by a pack of Javalinas , she had her neck head and belly punctured. Along with a couple of teeth.
My Dad jumped in and saved me, we were in our front yard. Due to the damage I lost my sight.


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Muggle is now navigating with his blue Muffin’s Halo thanks to your generous hearts.


Muggle dragged himself to a carport in downtown Atlanta to die. He had massive head wounds and maggot infestation. He was either thrown, drug or hit by a car. He survived a complicated surgery to address his head wounds and clean out the maggot infestation and infection. He also has a ruptured ear drum. He then had a second surgery to remove his right eye due to a melting ulcer and road rash. During this surgery, his other eye ruptured on the operating table. They chose to remove both eyes instead of euthanizing him on the spot.

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Q is for Quite a Cutie in her red Muffin’s Halo!

Blind Shih Tzu Q

Hi Angels,

Q received her Muffin’s Halo!

Thank you so much for helping her when I could not. I will never forget your kindness to us. She is a wonderful Gal and I have never regretted rescuing her as a blind dog when she needed me.  Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart,
Q and mom Mickey

Backstory:   Q was either dumped or was in a car accident with her human. She sustained a smashed pelvis, a huge cut on the top of her head(so bad no hair grows there) and two detached retina’s making her permanently blind. The vet estimated her to be 8 years old last year making her 9 now.

Lone Star Shih Tza and Llasa Apso rescue took her in, fixed her pelvis and head however, there was nothing to be done about her eyes. She lived in the rescue and they tried to adopt her however, seni…or, blind dogs are hard to place so she lived in a cage, with time out for exercise, for 9 months. During that time she got really aggressive (to protect herself).

I had already committed to adopting Holly (another horrible story although she is not blind) when I saw Q. I decided to adopt them both as neither had much of a chance for adoption. They needed a good home and I have one. A friend of mine that is a retired flight attendant and her husband flew them both to Birmingham from Houston, TX, rented a car and met me halfway to Atlanta so I could get them.

At the time I had three other rescues (one has since died of a brain tumor). Q was aggressive to humans and my dogs as she was very afraid. I have worked really hard with Q to fit in our family and it has paid off as she is no longer aggressive and fits right in.

Q has learned her way around my home by using the walls to guide her so she is always bumping her eyes and getting ulcers. She has also developed Glaucoma in her right eye and bumps it as well.

I take care of my 90 year old Mom and the 4 Fur Babies however, I can no longer work outside of my home due to health issues of my own. I have had two major abdominal surgeries in 4 months.

I could never afford to get Q the Muffin’s Halo and if there is anything you can do to help her get one I would appreciate it so much. She is a great Gal and I love her so much and hate that I cannot afford one for her.

I haven’t much money however, I give back by doing legs of transport for rescues when possible.

Thank you for any consideration and help you can give us.

Mickey Facente
Please donate at

“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”


G’Day Mates! It’s me Jake from Down Under in Australia with my Halo!

Austrailian Blind Dog


Thanks for your kind offer for jakey jakes donated halo. With kids around and 50 million toys poor lil jakey bums knocks himself about a fair bit. I am over the moon !! Thanks so much xoxoxo

Cindy S in Australia
Backstory:  Jake has been my baby since he fitted in the palm of my hand, he has been by my side ever since. A couple of years ago Jake got a scratch on his left eye we got it looked at and they gave us drops ot became infected we took him to see a few vets and eventually found Dr Ziggy Chester she has been wonderful and went ahead with the procedure to remove his eye as there was no going back and saving it.

That beautiful eye was now gone, they used to be so big and bright. Dr. Chester informed me Jake was blind also in his other eye which now had glaucoma the pressure was very high and she couldn’t believe how happy he still was even in pain and even after his operation he still wagged his lil tail. My beautiful lil boy means the world to me and I want his golden years to be the best possible.
“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”



Bobby No Longer Has The Blues in Mexico!

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BOBBY in Mexico got his Muffin’s Halo. He is doing great! His caretaker said he took to it right away and was happily exploring his surroundings with a new zest….
Isn’t he handsome?

Thank you Angels…


Bobby’s Story
Bobby is a 10-year old Labrador retriever that came to our lives as a bliss in 2005. He is a noble dog, he loves sunbathing and as a good Mexican he eats his shaped tortilla treats, he is very obedient. When we go to the beach which is 20 minutes away he is the first one in the water. Everyone in the block knows him and he has a good relationship with the neighbors. Before he got blind he was very active but this has decreased because all the bumps he have had.

Party of two please….The “Halo Effect”

” We got the halo’s yesterday and what a BIG difference they have made with Barney and Stewie.  Barney is off his “safe spot aka the couch” and he has been roaming around the house constantly. Stewie has not been hiding as much as well and he is out in the open hanging out with the other dogs which is a definite improvement.
Really, it’s like a miracle… Barney has always been so afraid to go outside. Once he realized he went out the door, he would always turn around and run to try and get inside and of course, many times he would run into the side of the house since he can’t see. It was heartbreaking and so difficult due to house training issues as well. Well since he got his halo… I have no words. He actually just followed me out the door today on his own. I was floored. Thank you so very much, this is going to change his whole life. He always just stays on the couch, he hasn’t stopped moving today. It’s remarkable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We can’t thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts!”

Nikki S.

Look at Barney now. …who never use to walk around his house due to his feeling insecure with his blindness. …but now he has the “halo effect”
Bravo Barney!!

This is what your generous kind hearts do for blind dogs when you sponsor them a Muffin’s Halo…The greatest gift ever for them. …
Thank you

“Muffin’s Halo is a must-have for Blind Dogs”

Backstory:  Barney started off as my foster dog and we fell in love with him so we decided to keep him. He came from a high kill shelter in West Virginia. The vet believe…s he lost his sight from a traumatic brain injury (getting hit by a car) because his two right legs show injury as well. The one in the front healed so it pivots completely around and his back leg healed incorrectly. We have been giving barney love ever since. He is the fourth blind dog I have had. I make it my mission to adopt pups that get otherwise over looked. ”

“Every Blind Dog Deserves To Blessed With a Muffin’s Halo.”


Smile when your heart is happy! Looking Good at 16 Minnie!!


Look at that smile! That is one happy ‪#‎blinddog‬
“A HUGE thank you to the angels who were kind enough to help out my 16 1/2 yr old girl Minnie Minnie is blind deaf and diabetic and the last while has had many many issues with bumps and bruises and blood build up on her bumped eyes, there is no doubt her new Muffins Halo will help her live the rest of her time not necessarily bump free but definitely protected. I cam not thank you enough Angels ? your kindness will never be forgotten.”  xo love Minnie and mommy

Minnie thanks you for her red Muffin’s Halo. She is getting her groove back
Yay Minnie!

… ” I can tell you at 16 1/2 yrs old she has not walked this fast in years”
Mom, Pauline
Backstory: As for Minnies story as Ii said above Minnie is the love of my life she is 16 yrs old began getting cateracts approx 2 1/2 yrs ago and shortly there after started to lose her hearing as well but minimal, approx 15 months ago Minnie became diabetic and bless her heart she now gracefully and graciously takes 2 needles a day to which directly after her meal she sits directly in front of you until its given. In her senior yrs Minnie as you can imagine until all diagnoses are made Minnie had many trips to the vets and is now completely under control in all aspects. However most recently she has begun walking into anything that will not move out of her way, poor soul and in saying this has now damaged her eye and has once again had to have weekly vet visits testing for pressure build up and 3 different types of drops now down to two types 2wice a day. To make a long story even long with the cost of her insulin, needles and all the various vet visits and drops for her eye i am struggling to find the extra money to get her one of the miracle halos. I met a wonderful lady on the blind dog Facebook page who generously donated her dogs halo to me which is not a muffin halo only to find out its too small and doesn’t work for my precious angel. The only thing she asked for in return was that i pay it forward which I love to do anyway as i support and do a lot of fundraising for rescues in my area. Minnie however is not a rescue nor would i ever give my precious angel up. I would just love to give her the confidence back she had, to play with her fur sister as she did before going blind. I was made aware of you from the blind dog Facebook page and told you sometimes run contests for halos and that was and is my hope for the true love of my life Minnie.
Many thanks for allowing me to share my story with you

“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”


Boogie with The Stewie and his red Halo!

“We got the halo’s yesterday and what a BIG difference they have made for Stewie!”

Nikki Sanders

Backstory:  “Stewie was adopted a day before he was going to be put to sleep in South Carolina. He was so matted they had to shave all his hair off and they removed a mass …from his head.
He is now a very happy boy who doesn’t let his advanced cataracts keep him down. His favorite pass time is getting his back rubbed and playing with his toys!

Stewie definitely has his own little personality and has brought so much joy to our family. A Muffin’s Halo would so very much be appreciated to help him navigate bump free in our home. ”

Stewie is so lucky to have been saved from being out down for being blind. He deserves a second chance with a Muffin’s Halo guiding him.
Donations can be made at

“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”

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Suzi the cutie patootie in her red hot halo

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Thank you for Suzi’s new Muffin’s Halo! She is adapting to the added weight (she only weighs 8 pounds),and is moving around much more than before! Thanks for donating such a useful item to make my 16 year old “puppy” more comfortable!

Miss SUZI has been spotted by angel Sasha in heaven who herded her earthly angels to flock to her with a Muffin’s Halo. .

“Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door…
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on..”

I love you angels
X o

Backstory:  “I had Suzi since she was 8 weeks old. She had bladderstone surgery when she was 4, her heart murmur was diagnosed when she was 8. She has been on heart medicine for over 8 years now. One day, after she was running around outside, she came in and fell over. Back to the vet, more pills for her breathing. I noticed she was losing her hearing about 3 years ago, then she seemed to have gone blind very quickly. She is now walking into walls at my house. I think a Muffin’s Halo w…ill help keep her from hurting herself. I appreciate everything that everyone is doing for her. Like my vet said, I am blessed every day I have her!

She sleeps a lot more than she used too, but still wags her tail and tries to run around a bit. I bring her out about 8 times a day, (she is in diapers, but can’t hold it for very long ). We have a lead that we hook her to, so she can walk around without hurting herself.”


“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”

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Aloha from Hawaii in my Halo!

Kiko Blind dog in Hawaii

Aloha Angels from Kiko in Hawaii.  He got his red Muffin’s Halo and is thriving.  Thank you!

Kiko’s owners (senior citizens like me) are struggling financially and have to move to the mainland, they don’t know where they will be living yet. My other 2 dogs are 14+ years old and 9 years old, I am 64, single, and work full time, so it’s a good fit for both of us. My finances are very tight due to low salaries and high cost of living, but I couldn’t say no to this sweet boy. Kiko also has dry eye, low thyroid, and allergies, so I flush his eyes twice a day and put drops in, he takes pills twice a day for the thyroid and allergies, and can have only grain-free food due to a corn allergy

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