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Suzi the cutie patootie in her red hot halo

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Thank you for Suzi’s new Muffin’s Halo! She is adapting to the added weight (she only weighs 8 pounds),and is moving around much more than before! Thanks for donating such a useful item to make my 16 year old “puppy” more comfortable!

Miss SUZI has been spotted by angel Sasha in heaven who herded her earthly angels to flock to her with a Muffin’s Halo. .

“Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door…
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on..”

I love you angels
X o

Backstory:  “I had Suzi since she was 8 weeks old. She had bladderstone surgery when she was 4, her heart murmur was diagnosed when she was 8. She has been on heart medicine for over 8 years now. One day, after she was running around outside, she came in and fell over. Back to the vet, more pills for her breathing. I noticed she was losing her hearing about 3 years ago, then she seemed to have gone blind very quickly. She is now walking into walls at my house. I think a Muffin’s Halo w…ill help keep her from hurting herself. I appreciate everything that everyone is doing for her. Like my vet said, I am blessed every day I have her!

She sleeps a lot more than she used too, but still wags her tail and tries to run around a bit. I bring her out about 8 times a day, (she is in diapers, but can’t hold it for very long ). We have a lead that we hook her to, so she can walk around without hurting herself.”


“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”

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Aloha from Hawaii in my Halo!

Kiko Blind dog in Hawaii

Aloha Angels from Kiko in Hawaii.  He got his red Muffin’s Halo and is thriving.  Thank you!

Kiko’s owners (senior citizens like me) are struggling financially and have to move to the mainland, they don’t know where they will be living yet. My other 2 dogs are 14+ years old and 9 years old, I am 64, single, and work full time, so it’s a good fit for both of us. My finances are very tight due to low salaries and high cost of living, but I couldn’t say no to this sweet boy. Kiko also has dry eye, low thyroid, and allergies, so I flush his eyes twice a day and put drops in, he takes pills twice a day for the thyroid and allergies, and can have only grain-free food due to a corn allergy

Audrey Hepburn formerly Seraphina gets her Red Muffin’s Halo!

Audrey Hepburn - Blind Dog


The Halo works wonderfully when we got her out of the kennel. Now that she has settled into home life she has adjusted wonderfully. She has even moved foster homes and adjusted to the new home with in 24 hours!  Thank you 🙂

Lindsay Diaz-Mewes

… “Audrey Hepburn, formerly known as Seraphina was a found stray wondering around the streets of Cleveland. She could not find her way out of the middle of a busy intersection. She was taken to City Dogs Cleveland (Cleveland Animal Control), where upon initial intake examination it was discovered she was blind. Due to the large amount of noise inside the city kennel, she began to shut down and refused to leave her cage. The Chief Animal Warden contacted us personally to step in to help her. Audrey had several cuts and scrapes on her face due to rubbing and bumping her face on the concrete cage walls in the city kennel.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Lindsey Diaz-Mewes, is deeply passionate about blind/ visually impaired dogs. She has personally rescued several blind animals and currently owns a senior blind sharpei that she rescued from a puppy mill. She follows Second Chances for Blind Dogs and suggested we contact you to help with Audrey.”
Jacqueline D.
Voices in the Dark Animal Rescue

Audrey Hepburn - Blind dog

Destined for a Muffin’s Halo

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Destiny is  moving a bit faster now, and knows the house more and the yard. When she didn’t have it on she bumped her nose.  I love this, Destiny thanks you from bottom of her heart to the tip of her no more bumped nose. ??

Backstory:  Destiny’s “mom” passed away 2,weeks ago Friday from ALS. Dawn,, mom’s daughter, tried to keep her but her dog and cat would attack Destiny horribly. Her mom had lived downstairs with Destiny in the mother daughter house. She would howl from being alone. Dawn has a 4 year old boy as well. We live a mile away, so she gets to visit. We did 3 meet and greets to get my dogs used to her. They love her. We love her too.. she walks around house now very easily. She’s very careful incase a chair is moved or a dog is laying in her way. She loves to sleep with me under the covers. She takes walks in the back yard which is kinda big but not too big really. Still walks cautiously but slightly faster outside than in.


This little Jessi is enjoying his second chance with his Muffin’s Halo!

Jessi blind dog
Hi Silvie,
Thank you so much for helping Jessi have a second chance at having a normal life! Thank you for all that you do for all the blind dogs out there!
Kathy M.
“Jessi (Messi) lost his eyesight on August 15th, 2015. He was savagely attacked by the Springer Spaniel he shared his entire life with. He had to have his right eye removed, it ruptured and the retina in his left eye was torn and detached and unrepairable. There were no other injuries on his little 4 pound body. The dog had Jessi’s head in his mouth. Jessi’s whole world became dark on that tragic day.
I heard about Second Chances for blind dogs from an email I received from Silvie Bordeaux after emailing Muffin’s Halo asking if they discount or donate to rescue groups.  I saw Muffin’s Halo on Facebook and thought what a wonderful invention.  I had a 17 !/2 year old Yorkie that had very bad cataracts for a couple of years and wished I knew about it then.  So now I will try to help every blind dog that comes into rescue.  I had a call from a woman that said her older dog was going blind and I recommended Muffin’s Halo to her also.  Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for the blind dog’s out there, you really do give them a second chance on life!”
Kathy Moore – Rescue Coordinator
Save a Yorkie Rescue

“Every Blind Dog Deserves a Muffin’s Halo”

Blind Boxer Beaux formerly known as Flood gets Adopted with His Muffin’s Halo!

Flood get his Halo Blind Boxer

GREAT NEWS!! #blinddog Flood now named Beaux who you donated a Muffin’s Halo to has been adopted into a great home!

His previous foster Dana C. shared with us “Muffin’s Halo made his life so much better. He has been adopted into a great home.”

Woo hoo!!!!
Flood was found when he wandered up to these people house with a piece of rope hanging from his neck Emaciated and with an old wound on his rear that was maggot infested. Lone Star Boxer Rescue took him in and got him neutered and his old wounds clean and then I took him as a foster. He has some slight vision in his right eye but that is very slim and I think he only sees shadow and some movement.

“Every Blind Dog Deserves To Lead a Bump-free life with a Muffin’s Halo”

Flood Blind Boxer Before

Butterball can now play ball again with her Muffin’s Halo!


“She wears it well and now it’s protecting from bumps into a lot of things. She can play with her ball again”

Barb Thompson


“Hi I just recently adopted Butterball, from the Wisconsin Humane Society. The humane society called me today and mention that you might be willing to donate a halo for Butterball. That would be so nice to have one for her, I hate seeing her bump her head.”

Butterball was born blind, and adopted by a wonderful couple. Due to issues beyond their control they were not able to care for her anymore. They surrendered her to the Wisconsin humane society in Milwaukee.  Because of Butterballs disability she was having a difficult time finding a forever home. Butterball was highlighted by Fox 6 in Milwaukee and received lots of attention. I adopted her on July 24, 2015. She is a happy, loving and beautiful puppy.

Barb Thompson


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“Ellie had a much needed dental done last week… had 12 teeth pulled. Now she has a new halo to keep her safe. We are just trying to make her life more comfortable as she is not only a “senior” but also a “special”. We will be kicking off our new “Oda Mae Memorial” project that will help seniors & those with special needs. Ryan Guillory & his wife, Jenny Schuster will be Co-chairing this project. Please contact them if you’d like to help.”


“Hello my name is Lindsey  and I work with a rescue called Tails and Trails in Greenwood, IN. We have recently pulled an 11 year old blind dog named Ellie from a local kill shelter. Ellie was born without eyes.

Ellie has been my foster for a few days and I have been researching what all available options there are out there to keep blind dogs, like Ellie, safe. I found your dog halo and was interested in getting her one. I noticed that you occasionally donate them to re…scues and I was wondering how to go about getting one donated. We are a 501 c3 nonprofit organization.

We are an all-breed rescue, located on the south side of Indianapolis, with a soft spot for the herding breeds. Most of our rescued dogs are pulled from high-kill shelters in Indiana & surrounding states. As of September 2015, we have placed 140 dogs in loving homes. There were 222 lucky dogs rescued.

Ellie, an 11 year Border Collie Mix was surrender by her owners to local animal control after their divorce. Ellie was immediately put on the urgent euthanasia list due to being completely blind. Ellie was born without eyes. She was placed in the AC officer’s office, knowing that she would not do well on the kennel floor. If she had not been rescued quickly she would have been euthanized. She is a very active & loving young lady. ”

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“Kravitz’s halo arrived today and he couldn’t wait to try it on! Mom needs to work on putting it on straight but otherwise it’s a great fit!
Thank you Muffin’s Halo And Second Chances for Blind Dogs”
Kate K.
 Backstory 9-8-15

“This handsome guy is Kravitz, our 11 year old rescue vizsla. Last year his owner of 10 years decided he no longer had time for him. After originally trying to give him away for free on Craigslist, Kravitz was then surrendered to the rescue that I work with and we began fostering him. Within hours of picking Krav up it was very noticeable that he had cataracts which significantly impact his vision. His original owner denies that he noticed any vision issues but it’s very obvious that his vision had been diminishing over the last few years before we met him.

After fostering Kravitz for 4 month my husband and I agreed that we had completely fallen in love and “foster failed.” He is the most loving boy in the world and is best friends with our 3 year old Vizsla, Haeden. Kravitz tries to use Haeden as a guide dog but we have seen an increased difficulty in his navigation of our home. Although he is adapting to the layout of our home, he walks into our walls often and has difficulty finding doorways. We have attempted to make apparatuses that will help him find walls before he walks into them but think that a quality made halo would significantly increase his mobility and confidence in our home.

We appreciate the opportunity to win a halo for Kravitz and think it would be a great help with his navigation in his new-to-him home. “Thank you

Kate K.

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“Cocoa got his Halo today! He loves not bumping his head into everything! Thank you to everyone who helped! You are all Angels!”

 Bob Schlegel.


“My wife, Faith, and I were adopted by Cocoa this past Sunday st the Montgomery County SPCA Perkiomenville, PA. We both fell in love with him when we saw him and asked a staff member if we could get more information about Toby,(we renamed him Cocoa). The girl looked at us and said he was totally blind then just stared at us. My wife and I said, so, can we get more information about him and can we meet him? She looked dumbfounded then happy. She said that when she says he’s blind everyone walks out the door. Not us! We met him and the first thing he did was jump into Faith’s arms. We said that we wanted to take him home, but they said that they were only taking applications. We filled out the application and I was able to talk her into calling the manager at home. They admitted that no one else had ever showed interest in him and that if we really wanted him we could adopt him. Truth be told, He adopted us as his humans. His former owner surrendered him due to health issues with the owner. The SPCA vet believes he was blind from birth. We didn’t realize he was blind until they told us. He is the most loving dog and he is very smart.”

Bob Schlegel

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