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Cotton’s Crazy Comeback!

Cotton update: “Cotton finally had her eye removal sutures removed. Second chances For Blind Dogs kindly donated her Muffin’s Halo – wings of love and thank you Silvie Bordeaux for being there for all blind AMA Rescues.


I will post a medical update after Cotton is rechecked next week. She is able to sleep comfortably through the night and distribute more weight to her weakened back legs with the help of pain control. Her weight now hovers around 5.3 pounds, far healthier than the 4.6 pounds she was one month ago. She enjoys a raw food diet and it agrees with her. Her dental, spay and hernia surgery will be next. Neurologically I do not see a big change in her. There is some underlying disease or disorder to her brain that causes her to circle, pace, become stuck in tight places and show detachment. She has never had a seizure in my care and I record her with a camera 24/7. She does not press her head against objects or head tilt.

I know that she appreciates my presence and my touch because sometimes she does things to draw me to her. I tried to get more information from her surrendering owner about her – when this change in her began, but he was not helpful. She was ‘corrected’ for pooping in the wrong spot inside (he was gone for more than 8 hours) by having her poop pushed into her nose. I told him it was abusive to do that to any dog and extremely cruel and senseless to punish a handicapped dog that way. I feel sad for Cotton because he described how she waited each day in the garage for him to return home – only to have that done to her by the only person in her world. Everything is hard for Cotton, ruptured cornea, blindness, starvation, ruptured disks, hernia… and whatever is going on in her mind. I said I would assess her for two weeks and my assessment is… she needs more time.

I know many of you reading this would make a case for ‘ending her suffering’ but I am the one who spends day and night with her – and she’s hard work – but she shows me that she wants to fight and with the ability to control her pain then I make a case for giving her time – not for a miracle, though one would be nice – just some time to let her enjoy having her needs met by her family.”

Bronwyne Mirkovich, Cotton’s Foster who was rescued from American Maltese Association Rescue.

Oh my Dogness! Look how gorgeous Cotton looks in her red Muffin’s Halo!

Thank you angels for your generous donations so we can provide Muffin’s Halo to blind dogs who deserve a second chance  especially like Cotton.

Check out how much the halo is helping her in this video!  Truly remarkable!!


Two-Tank Oopsie And Her Remarkable Recovery


Two-Tank Oopsie is a sweet, little, 12-year-young girl, who found herself in dire circumstances. She was found wandering the mean streets of Illinois, alone, frightened, and blind. She’s also mostly deaf. But Oopsie’s luck changed the day a very nice lady saw her circling and circling and circling by the side of the road.

A massive tumor hanging down between Oopsie’s legs was also discovered. After she had surgery to fix a hernia they found out she has two bladders! Today Two-tank oopsie is with Fluffy Butts Rescue where she sleeps on BubbleButt beds, enjoys treats and gets lots of cuddling like she deserves…and she got her donated Muffin’s Halo!

Thanks to our angel contributors of “Second Chances For Blind Dogs” – Muffin’s non-profit that donates Muffin’s Halos to blind dogs in rescues/shelters to help them navigate into their forever homes. Newsflash! Oopsie has been adopted!

Thank you Angels! We did it again!


Basil The Blind Dog Bounces Back With Muffin’s Halo


We were delighted to help Basil, a blind dog in need of assistance from across the pond. Read all about Basil’s story and watch his amazing video in a great article from the Daily Mail. From the article… Just six months ago, this little fellow was found hungry, destitute and unable to see. Basil the blind dog was picked up by rescuers who noticed he could not walk five yards without bumping into something. Now, thanks to an innovative new gadget from America, Basil has been given a new lease of life – and his carers hope they will now be able to find a family to permanently house him.

Read more:

Sparty Gets His Spark Back!


Sparty was left at a veterinary hospital by a man who says he found him. When the front desk person went to get the microchip scanner, the man had left, leaving Sparty tied to the desk. The dog warden then brought Sparty here to Animal Friends Rescue in Pennsylvania because we are a no-kill shelter.

Sparty was aged at about 10 years old, though to all of us who really know him, he just seems SO much older. Our closest guess to his breed is a cattle dog/pointer mix. Our medical dept has him listed as being blind in both eyes due to cataracts, he was treated for skin issues and ear issues when he first came in, his ears are cauliflowered, he is slightly anemic, he gets medication for his thyroid (it is on the low side, but not bad), he has to urinate often due to his aging kidneys, and his hind quarters are weakened due to age, so he wobbles at times.

The medical dept has him listed as a geriatric dog. He has had issues learning to navigate his way around the Animal Friends / Think Outside The Cage in Pittsburgh (it’s a big shelter) so he often bumps into the walls. The volunteers work very hard to help him walk, stop with him when he doesn’t want to go anymore, and they try to guide him the best they can.

It is my hope that if an organization like yours can provide a Muffin’s Halo for Sparty, he will gain confidence while walking around the shelter and will just feel much better all the way around! He is super sweet, and gentle, but it is hard to adopt out a blind dog from a shelter. I think the public sees him and they might worry about things like what could they do for him, can they handle a blind dog, how will he get around in their house, will they have to be there all the time to take care of him, etc. It is my hope the public will see through your organization that there is help out there, that others have made this situation work, and they can too! And if they see Sparty in a halo, well how can they resist?!



Denny Doin’ His Thing


Dear Silvie,

I have several blind dogs in my rescue; however, the one who needs a halo the most is Denny. I rescued Denny from Lancaster shelter almost three years ago. He is blind and deaf. He was an owner surrender and 8 years old. He has scars on his back from where he had been burned. He is blind due to cataracts. I took him to an eye specialist at VCA in Portland, Oregon. I was told that Denny’s cataracts were too mature to be removed. Since Denny is also deaf, he lives in a world of silence and darkness. He navigates his way around pretty well but sometimes he bumps into other dogs and they are not so forgiving. Out of all my blind guys here, Denny needs a halo the most. A local man tried to make one himself, but it came out directly from Denny’s chest and Denny kept tangling his feet up in it and the wire kept flopping down. Poor Denny! He is a sweet old boy. I would love to be able to get a Muffin’s Halo for Denny.
Kind regards,
St. Martin’s Animal Rescue

Sometimes we cry for joy and happiness. This is one of those times. Denny, who has been with the rescue for two years, has just received a donation of a Muffin’s Halo to help him get around. He is blind and deaf so his world can be very confusing. Now, we don’t want to jinx anything and we wanted to wait until it was all final, but one of our former adopters wants to adopt Denny! He is currently making adjustments to his home to accommodate a blind/deaf dog so the Muffin’s Halo has arrived in perfect timing to help Denny adjust to his new digs. We will post happy adoption photos when Denny goes to his new home soon. For now, this is Denny trying on his Halo. Halos for your own blind dogs can be purchased at


Dozer Back In Action!

This was his story: Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue. A little over a month ago we had a three year old male bulldog surrrendered to us by his owners, He is blind due to lack of entropian care and well as allergies, and basically just sat and scratched his eyes out. We had him looked at and his eyes are just basically not there anymore. He is a true love bug, but due to his vision issues wants to be next to someone all the time. I was thinking that perhaps with one of Muffin’s Halos he would learn some confidence and become more independent once again.

Yay Dozer has navigated into his forever home with his Muffin’s halo~! Here he is in his Muffin’s Halo at his new forever home

Yay Dozer!!!


Melissa And Joan On The Road To Recovery

Joan Rivers Blind Basset Hound Halo
Joan Rivers

This charming mother and daughter bassett duos were named in honor of the late Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa. They were abandoned in the Mojave Desert and rescued by Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. Joan is blind and is now striving with her Muffin’s Halo 🙂

Starr Is An Absolute Star!


We woof you Starr…who is really a Rocking Tri Pawd Star….precious sweet blind baby needs his furever home. He is fully equipped with his Muffin’s Halo to help him adjust quickly to any new locations. Please share and help spread the news.

Watch the baby jamming with his Muffin’s Halo minutes after putting it on!!

STARR – 9-10 yrs, 7-9lbs

Starr came to us from Baldwin Park Shelter. He is a very sweet boy who is blind and is missing a leg. He gets along very well despite these problems. Starr gets along with other dogs and is a very happy boy! We are currently accepting Donations for his eye care! We would like to have a specialist examine him to see if there is something we can do for him. Also, thanks to the kindness of a Starr admirer, he now has new found confidence because he now has his very own Muffin’s Halo’s for Blind Dogs™.

This wonderful pair of wings helps the blind and visually impaired regain their confidence by protecting them from injury. Starr is with Southern California Pomeranian Rescue.

Tater On The Town


Tater looking good with his new Muffin’s Halo!
Thank you to all of you angels who donated to Second Chances For Blind Dogs. Because of you, Tater got his Muffin’s Halo and is now leading a bump-free life as a blind dog and with more confidence too!

His back story: Tater , a dachshund/Beagle mix is a horribly neglected, half starved, blind little boy who needs to find a new forever home or rescue NOW before it is too late!!! His longtime friend, a Boston Terrier, who was with him just passed away, possibly from the same neglect!!! Tater is kept outside at all times, is Heartworm positive, sometimes the owners put food and water out for him, but not all the time! He needs someone to step up fast before he dies too!


Max To The Maximum!


Max is an 8 year old Maltese who was surrendered by his owner along with his brother in July. He previously lived with 6 other Maltese’s. He and his brother Wills are VERY bonded, they even sleep in the same bed. Therefore, the shelter has decided they should be adopted out together. That’s ok because what’s better than one Maltese? Two of course!

Max is nervous and takes time to adjust in a new environment, he will tremble all over, but his brother helps him feel comfortable and he also relaxes quickly with some sweet talk, petting, and of course, cuddling. He really enjoys a good back scratch too! He is afraid to walk around much because he is blind, therefore he is carried a lot of the time. His blindness is due to cataracts and diabetes. When he was surrendered, his diabetes was not being controlled, but our medical team has him on mediation that seems to be helping! We at the shelter are hoping Max can get a Muffin’s Halo so he will gain confidence and the skills necessary to be able to enjoy a nice walk through the grass with his buddy Wills at Animal Friends Animal Shelter in Pittsburgh, PA!



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