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Oliver’s New Lust For Life


Oliver just may have the biggest, blackest eyes of any small white dog you’ll ever see. Yet how ironic that as big as they are, they provide no ability for Oliver to see the world around him. This gorgeous little Maltipoo, about 8 years old and weighing 10 lbs. (if even), came into Baldwin Park shelter as stray wearing a collar but no ID tag. And although his view of the world is as dark as his eyes, this happy-go-lucky guy doesn’t let that slow him down.

He is incredibly sweet and friendly toward humans and other animals. And he adapts quickly to new environments, maneuvering around anything in his path or finding the quickest route to jump up on your bed! Oliver saw a specialist about his eyes, and sadly there is nothing that can be done to restore some of his vision. But don’t cry for him — admire him for not letting his lack of vision slow him down. Better yet — welcome him into your home and give him the love and security he deserves. This little boy should never be on the streets again.

“Thank you so much for the Muffin’s Halo for Oliver! He walks more confidently now, knowing that bumping into things won’t hurt. He hasn’t said “ouch” in days! How wonderful that Silvie Bordeaux invented such a helpful product, and that she was so willing to share it with Oliver. An enormous kindness on her non-profit “Second Chances For Blind Dogs” part!

Oliver is a happy little camper with everyone’s attention and the gift of greater mobility.”
Foster Mom Carmen.


Angel Grandpa



I currently have a blind 14 year old male poodle as a foster dog through Kozy Pets Rescue in Sacramento, CA. He was an owner surrender at the high kill shelter in Stockton. We have named him Grandpa. He is a very sweet dog, gets along with everyone however, after paying for all his other medical costs including dental and treatments for abscessed teeth and multiple skin issues, there is no money to get him a Muffin’s Halo.

I think that a Halo would be very beneficial to him as he is always running into walls and door frames and has fallen down the stairs a couple of times .

He is safe now, and will not be returned to the shelter but I would like to see him placed in a forever home to live out the rest of his years. I think him having a Halo could help this happen.

Thank You,
Kimiko McCulloch (Grandpa’s Foster Mom)

“Grandpa wants to say Thank You for his Muffin’s Halo!”


Our blind dog friend Grandpa passed away and he would like another blind dog to walk in his paws in his honor. His blue Muffin’s Halo is a medium.
Medium fits neck size: 11.5″ – 13″ and girth 16.5″ – 20″
Please submit your blind dog in comments for consideration.

Our deepest condolences to Kimiko McCulloch xo


Lily Angel Loves Her “Angels”


Dear Everyone,

This is Lily Angel. I wanted to thank everyone who helped me get my Muffin’s Halo. I love it so much! My foster mom will let me wear it when I go to work with her and at home when I’m allowed to walk around. Before my Muffin’s Halo, I used to bump into walls and things with my head. With the halo, however, I still bump around, but the halo takes the bumps for me! At first I was a little nervous about wearing it because I felt like there was something in front of me, but I got used to it very quickly. Now I can follow my mom and the other dogs around without hurting my head!

This halo gift is one of the many things for which I give thanks. I thought my life was going to end when my original people took me to the animal shelter after letting my hair mat so badly I didn’t even resemble a pure-bred Maltese. My eyes had been hurting me for a very long time, but my people either didn’t know or didn’t care. Once at the shelter, I was VERY scared – loud noises, fearful barking, strange smells and people – I didn’t know what was happening other than it was bad. Luckily, the nice people at American Maltese Association Rescue were contacted around the same time my foster mom saw me on a website and called the shelter. The shelter people put my mom in touch with AMAR and that’s when my life changed for the better. I had my eyes removed so they wouldn’t hurt me anymore and I got to go home with my foster mom who’s been doting on me ever since she picked me up. Because of American Maltese Association Rescue, my mom can take care of me the way I deserve to be taken care of – as all dogs should be! And now with my Muffin’s Halo, I get everyone’s attention when I go for walks – I feel like a princess!

From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to Silvie at Muffin’s Halo, everyone at American Maltese Association Rescue, and the late Maltese, George, and his wonderful mom Daisy who paid it forward and allowed me to use his wonderful halo. I feel like the luckiest pup in the world!

~ Lily Angel


Michael Loves His Muffin’s Halo


“I want to start off by saying THANK YOU! Michael wishes to say thank you too. I saw Muffin’s Halo on Facebook and knew that I had to inquire about it. I wasn’t sure if it would be possible but I knew I had to try to get one for Michael.

Michael recently went blind very suddenly due to a quick onset of diabetes. He’s had so many adjustments lately and this is just one more. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for him. Michael has been so tentative in walking and moving around; Muffin’s Halo seemed the perfect aide to improve his confidence and serve as a guide.

Michael was rescued from severe abuse and starvation when he was 18-months old. I was the one who introduced him to my Mom and it was love at first sight. He had a terrible biting issue but we both understood that defense mechanism and knew, with love and training, it could be unlearned.

Anyway, Michael lived, right next to my Mom’s side and with my Mom’s cat, Tasha (also a rescue I showed to my Mom) for 8-years. He adored her and she, him.

When my Mom passed away, I moved Michael and Tasha in with my brood of 3 dogs and 5 cats, all abused rescues. It was quite an adjustment but I had spent so much time caring for my Mom during the last year of her life that her animals were well acquainted with mine and we took it slow. We all live in harmony now and, due to many seniors, we’re down to 7 in total number, 3 dogs and 4 cats.

I was in Cancer & Crohn’s disease treatment when my Mom was terminally diagnosed. I remain on disability so money for this furry household has been tight. It was such a God-sent blessing to learn that you were moved to meet Michael’s halo need.

Michael is learning to trust Muffin’s Halo. He’s quite skeptical of new things but it’s so comfortable and helpful, that the trust is coming quickly.

Thank you so much Heid (Second Chances For Blind Dogs contributing angel) You have touched my heart and blessed my soul. God bless you right back!”



Mikey And Muffin


I think Mikey, a sweet, dog-friendly, people-friendly, senior min pin is going to stand apart today at the Animal Friends Of The Valleys shelter, especially when people see this precious blind dog getting around in his Muffin’s Halo.

This little guy came in as a stray and needs to be pulled ASAP by rescue group and or adopted. Please help us spread the word.

His Muffin’s Halo was donated by our “Second Chances For Blind Dogs” non-profit organization.

Lyle Lovett Is Feelin’ The Love!


Hi Angels Friends,

Remember me? It’s Lyle Lovett!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated and shared for my eye surgery. I’m a couple days out from it and feeling so much better! I have not had any complications from my surgery and the vet says that I will be right as rain very soon and ready to be adopted.

I also want to tell everybody not to be sad for me because I don’t have sight anymore. I was in a lot of pain and unable to see anyway because my eyes were too damaged when the Angels saved me.

Foster mom says that she is so proud of me for being brave and strong, and that she will find the best home in the world for me.

I’m a happy boy and am already learning how to navigate my new world with my Muffin’s Halo…I’m especially good at walking up the porch steps and finding my way around the house all by myself without bumping into things. You’d be so impressed!

I can’t wait to learn more things and know my future will be lots o’ fun with my adoptive family.

Right now I’ll just concentrate on getting well and dream about the day when I go to my forever home.

I’ll keep you updated on my journey and send to you all of the love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart! LL @ Angels Among Us Rescue

Well brave boy Lyle Lovett, thanks to Second Chances For Blind Dogs you now have a Muffin’s Halo to help you navigate into your forever home. We are so happy you are recovering well from your surgery!


Nacho’s New Lease On Life


Nacho was abandoned at a clinic in South L.A with horrendous skin issues and (of course) horrible ear infections. He lived in a kennel there for almost a year until creatureKIND rescue happened to see him when picking up another dog.

They treated all his issues and continue to do so – the foster is wonderful and has helped many senior dogs over the years. It’s just hard now that Nacho is blind and he has another dog he keeps bumping into and as that dog is a puppy mill survivor it is making things difficult.

<span “font-size:11.0pt;font-family:calibri;=”” mso-ansi-language:en-us;mso-fareast-language:en-us”=””>Thanks to our contributors to Second Chances For Blind Dogs, Nacho got his Muffin’s Halo and is leading a bump free life.  His foster said “Thank you SO much for the halo for Nacho! He is more used to wearing it now and it is really helping him as far as not bumping into furniture!”



Kevan Loves His Muffin’s Halo


Umbrella of Hope’s blind poodle, Kevan, tried out hisMuffin’s Halo today!!! “Thank you Second Chances For Blind Dogs for sending us one!!! Kevan is from Contra Costa Animal Services.

Kevan is a 5 yr old, 14 lb Miniature Poodle (Mix?) Neutered Male. He is also microchipped, vaccinated, free of parasites and has had bloodwork and a teeth cleaning.

Kevan is blind from early-onset cataracts. He will be evaluated by the eye specialist once he gets comfortable, but it is likely that he will never see. This does not bother him. He gets along well and thinks he is “normal”… He walks well on a leash, snuggles and gets around quite well.

Kevan seems to be housebroken and crate trained. He does not bother cats and gets along well with other dogs. He is not afraid of people and really likes kids. He loves riding in the car and going for walks. He would fit well into any family who is willing to welcome him in spite of his differences. He does not feel that he has special needs, so we don’t either.”

Yay Kevan! He got his donated Muffin’s from our generous network of angels at Second Chances For Blind Dogs. Muffin’s 14th Birthday celebration campaign. Thanks to all of you who donated!



A Healthy And Happy Twinkie!


Twinkie is an 11-year-old poodle/shih tzu mix owner surrender … husband passed away, Twinkie was his dog and his wife is unable to keep Twinkie as she deals with other life transitions such as selling home, relocating, etc. A caring neighbor did not want to see Twinkie dropped at the shelter, which is what the owner planned to do, and reached out to the Bichon Rescue Brigade for help.

They said, “We knew going into it that Twinkie had a cataract and was vision-impaired. Imagine our surprise when we picked her up and noticed her other “good” eye bulging almost out of socket.

Twinkie’s vet made no mention of it when we contacted them, but Twinkie has not been in since last September. Apparently, this is a recent development, but now is ours to deal with. ”

Bottom line… Twinkie was completely blind in her “good” bulging eye, with extremely limited vision from the cataract eye. The vet said bulging eye was likely due to glaucoma or cancer, likely was extremely painful and recommended we remove the eye as it has no function and would continue to cause pain. So, BRB (Bichon Rescue Brigade) had Twinkie’s eye removed and she currently is recovering from the surgery and doing well.

She now just needs to find a loving home where she is loved and can return that love as she lives out her final years. You can see from the photos how much better and happier she already looks since having the surgery done!




Sochi The Superdog!



This beautiful blind Sheltie had excessive seizures due to a  brain tumor which was removed . He is a vital part of a medical study that is creating vaccine to help treat children and dogs with brain tumors by shrinking them.

Sochi could very well be named a big hero once he has completed his part in the clinical trail in June 2016, as he could be walking around with a successfully formulated vaccine that will save many lives.

His Muffin’s Halo is especially important to him as it protects his head since his surgery. We love you Sochi!

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