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Thank you all so much. Our beautiful baby received her Muffin’s Halo. Thank you Angel Loraine Harrison for the donation. Bubbles has come so far in the last week. We are so happy and proud of her. See for yourself. God bless you all. Thank You, Angels!~Terry & Bubbles


Bubbles is a 3 year old Chihuahua. We rescued her when she was i year old. Our Chiwinnie (Abigail) 7 months older attacked her, and removed her eyes. The doctors could not save them, we surrendered her. Double heartbreak. Bubbles is curious and very nosey, doesn’t want to miss a thing. I heard about Second Chances For Blind Dogs through our local Humane Society. Thank You Angels for considering Bubbles for a Muffin’s Halo. ~Terry Berrios, VA



Denny and I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Second Chances for Blind Dogs and Angels, for donating his new Muffin’s Halo! He’s still getting used to it, but I can’t wait to visit new places without fear of him running into anything and hurting himself. Thanks again for the very generous donation! ~ Susanne Joy

Denny is a 5 y.o. Shih-Tzu. I met Denny last week when I was dropping off some donations at my local shelter. He had just been left there as a stray the evening before ( the shelter manager believes the people who dropped him off were his “owners” but they wouldn’t admit it ). He was shaking and cowering under the desk. I spoke gently to him and he came right up to me – we bonded instantly.

I visited him every day until his stray hold was up, I would just sit and hold the stinky little guy in my lap and talk quietly to him while giving him neck scratches (his favorite). When I would stand up, he would plant himself right between my feet. Even though I wasn’t planning on adopting another dog, and I have no experience with blind dogs, I did lots of research to determine if I was up to the task and ended up putting in an application for him. I was approved and I just got to bring him home today!

One of his eyes is almost completely sealed shut, which the vet believes is due to an old puncture wound. His other eye has a large corneal ulcer that is currently scabbed over, which he is being treated for. We believe Denny may be able to see shadows out of that eye, but he will never regain his vision. The important thing is that he isn’t in any pain. He’s fitting in great so far with the rest of my crew; but it being a completely new environment for him, he is having some trouble navigating. I am sure that this will get better in time, but we also like to travel and go on adventures – I believe Muffin’s Halo will help him be more independent and confident when experiencing these new situations. I know we would both be incredibly grateful if we were selected! ~Susanne Joy, VA



Thank you so much for gifting Kenneth with a Muffin’s Halo. He was a blind stray whom no one wanted. My daughter a vet med student offered to operate his eyes but the ones who brought him in said they cannot take him back after the procedure and so we opened our home to him. We used a cone so he can navigate his way but now, with his Halo he is able to move around quicker and with more confidence. Thank you Angel’s for changing this good boy’s life. He is and always will be loved ♥️ ~
Honey Santos


Kenneth is a 3 year old Mixed Breed Dog.He is a stray dog who was hit on the head by some bad people causing his eyes to swell up. My daughter is a college student and she saw him wandering around near her dorm. She took him home. We took him to a doctor and was told he had to have an operation. Both eyes have zero visibility. They already took one eye out and the next will follow when the first one heals. We are excited to bring him home after his operations are healed. We plan to love him until he forgets all the bad things that he has gone through. I heard about SCFBD through my Blind Dog FB Group. Thank You for considering Kenneth for a Muffin’s Halo, Angels!
Honey Santos, Philippines



Thank you so much for Thelma’s donated halo, she’s taken to it really well. Now she can go to friends houses and the dog park without fear of damaging her eyes further from walking into the fence like she normally does.Very kind you all! Thanks again xx Keisha.

Thelma is a 7 y.o. Pug. A few months ago I got a call at work (I work at the vet) from the council saying someone wanted to give their Pug away because she kept peeing on the pavement and not the grass, I said yes to taking her without knowing any details. Turns out I was her third home, and she was blind from untreated entropion and in season (ex breeding dog) and 3 kilos underweight.

Since being with me, she’s been spayed, entropion surgery twice (first one failed) and is now at a healthy weight. Her eyes are permanently damaged and scarred from constant ulcers, so she will never regain her sight back. Thank You for considering Thelma for a Muffin’s Halo from SCFBD. ~Keisha Milligan



Berkeley has his Muffin’s Halo in time for Christmas! His Halo was donated in honor of our Ambassadog and ASPCA 2018 Dog Of The Year, Noah! Thank You, Angels!!

Thank you so much for Berkeley’s donated Muffins Halo! He has been adjusting so well. It didn’t take this smart boy long to get use to wearing it. Berkeley has been walking through the house with more confidence and ease. It makes me so happy to see him more independent, and I can now worry less about him injuring himself. I will continue to send photos and updates along our Halo journey. Thank you so very much again, for your kindness and donation. Sincerely, The Castro Family

Berkeley sure got the hang of his MBD Muffin’s Halo in a jiffy. Merry Christmas sweet boy! Enjoy your new bump-free life. 


Berkeley went from having perfect vision, to suddenly going fully blind within a 48 hour time frame. He was diagnosed with SARDS in 2017. He adjusted well, but it was difficult for my husband and I to see him struggle and not want to get around as much anymore. We have never been able to afford an Angel Halo for him, because were a single income family with my husband currently serving in the U.S Army. Berkeley spends his days basking in the sun, taking lots of naps, taking daily walks through the neighborhood, and receiving lots of love from my husband and I. Our house is covered in bubble wrap and pool noodle bumpers, but Berkeley doesn’t let ANYTHING hold him back. He is 45 pounds of fearless determination.

With him being so fearless and unstoppable, it makes us worried that one day he will seriously hurt his head or bump his teeth. He has already taken some bumps to the head, but I think a Muffin’s Halo would give him the confidence to be more himself again. Berkeley also has a expensive and long list of other health issues that comes along with SARDS, including a dislocated knee cap that he needs surgery for very soon. We love our chunky little boy so much and we would be very grateful for this opportunity.~
Thank you, The Castro Family



We received Angel’s Muffin’s Halo and it’s just perfect! She wears it all the time. She got use to it right away. And if she runs outside first thing in the morning without it I just say “Come back and get your Halo!” And she turns right around and let’s me put it on. I know she feels safe with it already. Such a smart girl. Thanks so much for giving her back her confidence. We are so appreciative for your kindness. I will send more pictures. Sincerely, Jennifer O


Angel is an 11 y.o. Boston Terrier. She was diagnosed with an eye disease that is common in female Boston Terriers. It causes ulcers on the lens and pressure in the eye that eventually leads to blindness. Angel is being treated but she is still just a puppy at heart. She runs, enjoys long walks and playing with younger Boston sister. While playing with her sister one day in the backyard she bumped her head and due to the eye disease and pressure the eye had to be removed. She still has limited sight in the remaining eye. And it causes her to bump her head a lot and it so scary. We would like to keep her other eye safe as long as we can until that window closes. I was referred to Second Chances For Blind Dogs by a fellow member of Blind Dogs -Owners and Supporters. Thank You for considering Angel today.
Jennifer Schreiber, NJ



Silvie ~ I want to thank you so much. You created an invention that has given me my dog back. After his surgeries he was so exhausted and frustrated with his cone. Today Sylvestor got his stitches out and finally had a nice bath and is now with his Muffin’s Halo walking around the room like he used to. I give thanks to all the Angels because this gift has hit my heart. Thank you for helping me get my dog back. ~Tracy Rey, CA

Sylvestor is a moderately active 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier. In October 2008 I received a Yorkshire Terrier as an emotional support animal. I have had anxiety issues my whole life and I needed a companion who could help me get through my trials. Fast forward, this dog has become my soul mate. He is the one I can count on and I love him so much more than anyone could ever imagine. Summer 2018 he was diagnosed with diabetes.

Shortly after he lost his vision to his diabetes. Months later after finally finding the dosage and type of insulin that works for him he contracted conjunctivitis, which then turned into glaucoma with an ulcer. We had to do a procedure which costs thousands of dollars to freeze his eyes so the fluid pressure wouldn’t get any worse than it was so he be comfortable. Unfortunately one of his eyes ruptured and two weeks after his freezing surgery he needed an emergency eye removal.

This journey has been devastating. I have spend so much money in saving his life like he has saved mine. Now my baby is missing one eye and is completely blind. This guy means the world to me and I couldn’t imagine living my life without him. He’s just my little furry soul mate. I am completely broke paying for all his doctor visits and his surgeries. I believe in your product. I wanted to come on here and thank you for creating this product and as soon as I can afford to buy one I will for my baby. People like you give the lives back to little furry friends. I can’t wait to have one when I can afford it. Keep dreaming and saving puppy’s lives. I heard about SCFBD from our Vet at Eye Care For Animals in Upland, CA. ? Tracy Rey, Colton CA



A huge hug of gratitude and thanks to our Angel Jan Sheldon who generously donated a Muffins Halo for Oso.  I wish you were here Jan to see the difference in Oso’s world with this amazing invention. He runs free in the yard for the first time ever and is truly excited with renewed energy.  He loves his Muffins Halo!

Oso is getting a donated Muffin’s Halo from Second Chances For Blind Dogs! Thanks to the constant generosity of Jan Sheldon. As we have thanked you so many times before… Thank You, Jan❣️ TY, Angels!! You rock!


Oso had known nothing but cruelty, abuse and neglect his first 5 years of life. He lived outdoors, unable to escape the hot and cold climates of Phoenix, Az. He suffered malnutrition which destroyed his immune system and blinded him with premature cataracts. He was severely underweight and full of bite scars and hot spots when he was turned over to the humane society which and was put on the euthanasia list. Luckily, Safe Haven rescue pulled him and helped him heal his sores and gain weight. Then I adopted him in November of 2017 and he is flourishing and very happy! Safe Haven was supposed to pay for Oso’s cataract surgery but I never heard back from them. Meanwhile a Muffins Halo would sure help Oso explore his world without fear of bumping into things when he is excited!




I want to thank the Angels for donating a Muffin Halo to my sweet girl Paris, she liked it almost immediately! Thank You so very much! ~Lynn Murray


Paris is 6 years old. She is an American Cocker Spaniel that was a backyard breeder for the 6 years of her life. She was badly neglected and lived outside her whole life. Paris had worms and fleas and was quite sick. She is now with me learning what a loving caring home is. Paris will never experience neglect again in her lifetime. I heard about your organization on FB and elsewhere. Thank You, Angels for considering Paris for a Muffin’s Halo. She is so worthy and deserving of this gift.
Lynne B Murray, MD



Dear Angels,
Thank you so very much for your generosity in donating to Second Chances for Blind Dogs! One of our shelter dogs, Ray, has greatly benefited from this awesome product!
Ray was found lying on a raised piece of cement, in the beating sun, at an abandoned school in Cleveland, Ohio. We weren’t sure if he got up there on his own or was put there because he was afraid to come down because of the decline in the cement. He was covered in mats and burs.
The Parma Animal Shelter partners with the Cleveland Animal Control and pulls dogs when they are running out of space or dogs that have special needs. We saw Ray and could not leave him in the small cage at the kennel.
Ray quickly started exploring his new foster home, banging his head on everything. I tried my best to prevent him from hurting himself but he would quickly move his head around and smash into things. Outside, he would run around the backyard and often run into trees and fences. It broke my heart. I went online and came across Second Chances for Blind Dogs and knew that this halo was exactly what Ray needed.
The halo has made a HUGE difference in Ray’s life. He seems more confident walking around now and he’s not hurting himself! This is an amazing product and even more wonderful that you have so generously donated so that other blind dogs could be helped.
Thank you!
Ray, Colleen Siedlecki (Ray’s foster mom) and Parma Animal Shelter
Ray was picked up as a stray from Cleveland Animal Control. He was stuck up on a piece of slanted cement and it was unknown if someone put him there, or he wandered up there and could not get back down because he couldn’t see. Cleveland Kennel is a very large kennel and they rely on other rescue organizations to pull dogs from their shelter to save these dogs. When I saw Ray I knew we had to help him. He was extremely matted and dirty. I had to give him 2 baths and brushed him for 1.5 hours to get the mats out. He will still need to be shaved as the mats are hurting his skin. He is a very loving dog and wants to be near you. This is my first time helping a blind dog so I’ve been looking at products that can help him get around. I thought these halos were adorable and might even help to get him adopted faster.
Colleen Siedlecki (Ray’s foster mom)

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