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Kobe would like to say thank you to the angels at Second Chance for Blind Dogs for my Muffins Halo in memory of #YAY Margaux!.  Attached is two pictures of me wearing it on our walk today.  My mom tried to get a video of me walking with it on but it did not come out so well.  This Halo has given me so much more confidence on my walks.  The one picture is of me in the woods wearing it.  Before I got my Halo I was afraid to go into the woods for fear of walking into a tree, bushes, or getting my eyes injured.

Again, thank you so much for picking me to receive a Muffins Halo in memory of #YAY Margaux.  My mom told me so much about her and I think she was a great inspiration to many people, including my mom, who was worried about me when I lost my vision.


Kobe Whitman


Kobe is a 9 year old Pug. He was diagnosed with diabetes in January 2018. He then went blind in June due to cataracts. He has had many attacks of pancreatitis. I almost lost him three separate times during those episodes. I am trying to keep him as active as before. We go on a mile walk every day. He does not use a leash as we walk the same trail everyday. Kobe would benefit greatly from a Muffin’s Halo because he likes to go off the usual path but bumps into things when he does. I heard about your organization and the #YayMargaux! Give-A-Way on Margaux’s FB Page.
Thank you for considering Kobe for this wonderful gift.
Judy Whitman, PA

Coco Beanie


Aloha Silvie,
I’m so thrilled to let you know that CoCo Beanie’s Muffin’s Halo arrived today and it’s a big hit. She took to it right away and was bumping into things with no worry as to hurting herself. The little energizer bunny never stops but with the Halo it seems she has a new sense of freedom without the fear of getting hurt.
I cannot thank you and the very generous donors enough for this precious gift. CoCo Beanie says “Mahalo Nui Loa” which is thank you very much in Hawaiian.
I took a few pics and hopefully they all come through. If they’re too big I’ll send in separate emails.
Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are very grateful for your generosity.
Keep the sunny side up!
Janene & CoCo Beanie
CoCo came to us at 7 months old as a neglected puppy. She wasn’t in great condition and wasn’t cared for properly. She was scared of everything including my husband and myself. I worked with her, encouraged her, took her to dog obedience training and she became my best buddy. She went from a wall flower to a social butterfly; always happy and wagging her tail. Through all the ups and downs with her health she was always a trooper. Then 4 years ago she developed secondary glaucoma and 3-1/2 years ago had her first eye removed with a prognosis that eventually she would lose her other eye as well. In an attempt to preserve her vision as long as possible, we diligently administered the myriad of prescribed eye drops 3 times a day. Initially the doctors had told us she would lose her second eye within a year of the first. As the first year passed we got hopeful she might keep it. After the second year we became even more hopeful and thought maybe the doc’s were wrong. Of course, our luck ran out earlier this year and we lost the battle. She has done remarkably well adjusting to navigating a 2 story house but still bumps her noggin daily. One of these halos would help her significantly from bumping into things. Every time she hits an object hard it breaks my heart to see her get hurt; especially when she lets out a little cry. If CoCo is selected for one of your Muffin’s Halos she will be eternally grateful… as will we, her parents.




Hi Silvie – I just wanted to thank you again for your generous gift to my sweet boy Winston. His Halo came today and once Winston got over the initial “what is this thing on me?!” moment, it has completely changed his life for the better. He immediately wanted to wander around the house. While I normally watch him and hope he doesn’t run into anything , today I wanted him to test out his new gear. And it worked!!! He uses it to guide himself along the kitchen wall to the sliding glass door to go outside to potty. He sniffs his way back into the house but not before running into chairs, the grill, etc…but with the Halo, he said “ok, there’s something there, I’ll walk around it!” No more ouchies!

I’m in tears writing this to you (but they’re happy tears). Myself, my wife, and our special boy Winston thank you so much!!!

Love, Light and Oceans of Bliss!


My wife and I rescued Winston when he was 13 years old. He was an owner surrender with no reason given. We learned recently that he is completely blind. He knows the layout of our house and can get around, but still rams into hard objects occasionally. Even worse, when our other two rescue poodles bark it startles him and he either runs or jumps and hits a dresser, bed or refrigerator very hard. It hurts my heart. Although his eyes don’t work anymore, he is still very full of life and love to give! He is my little buddy and I love him so much!

Herald & Gerald


Herald and Gerald in their new Halos! They were perfect models!

Rancho Coastal Humane Society wants to send a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all of the Angels and to Sally’s rescue for

donating two Muffin’s Halos for the blind to our dear, sweet Herald and Gerald. It has been a long road for these two boys. After 7 months living in a crate, they forgot what ‘normal’ is. They had forgotten how to play with toys. They had forgotten what it’s like to be loved. Now they’re getting lots of love and attention. It’s great to see the joy come back to them. The Halos are the next step in their journey to a full and happy life. We can’t wait for them to fully adjust to their new, amazing gear and really start cruising around Southern California in style!

Thank You!

Kathy Zerkle

VP of Adoption Services

Rancho Coastal Humane Society


Two blind 13+ Chi/Doxie brothers, Herald and Gerald, are a bonded pair. They were residing in an overcrowded shelter when we found them. They had been living in a folding wire crate for 7 months! We just couldn’t leave them like that for another day when we knew we could help find them their forever home. They are now at our shelter where they are receiving complete medical care, have beds and toys, a full kennel, visits from staff/volunteers and they get out to a yard several times a day.

We would love for them each to have a Muffin’s Halo to help give them the best possible life in their remaining years together. A representative from your organization stopped by our shelter several years ago and shared information about your product with us. He mentioned the program that will donate to shelter pets in need. Thank You for considering these two lovely blind brothers today.~
Kathy Zerkle
Rancho Coastal Humane Society



Lola got her Muffin’s Halo! A huge thank you to Silvie for this wonderful invention, and the Angels ?  for the generous donation … this was super kind.
Thanks for giving Lola hope, now she can navigate without fear, she can even go up & down the stairs. She is back to being herself ?
Lola says: “thanks from the bottom of my paws for giving me a second chance.”


Lola was rescued from the shelter in 2012. She was in very bad shape but after taking her to the vet, we were told that she was pretty healthy. She has been a part of our family since then and we love her so much.
Last week she suddenly became blind, we took her to the vet and confirmed it, cataracts came on very very fast.
We are still trying to understand what happened.

“Angel” Hoss


It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that Hoss lost his battle to SARDS. He was a brave fighter to the end, but he became overwhelmed and fear aggressive. He loved his Muffin’s Halo, but didn’t have much time to enjoy it. He was having such a good time outside that day not bumping his nose on everything. With your permission, I would like to bless it on to Bulldog Rescue to save another bulldog from struggling with their world of perpetual nighttime. I understand that your network of miracle Angels donated that Halo for Hoss and I will return it if you would prefer.
On another note, I had a little extra in my paycheck this week from a project I have been working on. I made a donation through Facebook to your cause. I hope it helps. Thanks again to the Angels who donated the Halo to him. Bless you and the work you are doing to make such a positive impact on the lives of blind dogs.~Joy Schaefer and RIP Hoss, the bulldog.


Thank you so much for Hoss’ Halo. He has really brightened up his spirits since he can explore his new world without bumping his nose. He’s is a much happier boy now! He is only 5 1/2 years old so he can look forward to a long life thanks to the generosity of the amazing Angels who had it in their heart to give blind dogs a second chance. Thanks also to Silvie, who took the time to make sure Hoss had a Halo that fit him properly.
With much love,
Joy and Hoss


Three days after my last English Bulldog, Elmo, passed, I got a call from AdoptaBull (English Bulldog Rescue in Chicagoland area) asking me to foster a recent rescue who they had just paid for cherry eye and teeth extraction surgery. They had just picked him up in St. Louis from a shelter that had rescued him as a stray, alone on the streets of St. Louis. He was so skinny, only about 35 pounds when I got him. All his ribs and vertebrae stuck out. He had been flea infested. Needless to say, he is a foster failure since I applied to adopt this sweet boy within 2 days. He has had his health challenges with cornea ulseration, chronic dry eye, and stomach issues as a result of being starved. He is the light of my life. His personality is so distinctive from Elmo’s, and he made my missing Elmo so much easier to bear. Mid-January this year, he became more food focussed than ever and started putting on weight rapidly, eventhough I was trying to feed him the same amount. His water intake and peeing dramactically increased. He started balking at going outside, I had to put a leash on him just to get him out the door. I also noticed that he started bumping into the bushes when he would try to pee. And more frequently, he would bump into the wall, gate, and door. I took him to my vet, Dr. Chris Serpico of Rising Sun Vet Clinic, who diagnosed him with SARDS. He was totally blind within a couple of weeks. His whole world right now is sleeping and food. He is scared of outside and it breaks my heart. He has had a bad enough past, full of scary things, sounds, people, thunderstorms and snowstorms, and hunger and thirst. He deserves a better life, full of things to do and explore. My only consolation is that if SARDS was always in his future, he has me to help him get through it as best as we can. I love him and will stick by him to give him the best, he’s not on the streets facing this alone. He is fully obediance trained, someone put a lot of time and effort into his training. I don’t know how he came to be a stray, but that is his past and with God and my help his future is bright.

“Angel” Pepper


Angels, we have sad news today. One of our Halo Babies, little Pepper Garcia, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Please send your kindest thoughts to her Daddy Chris. Rest In Eternal Bliss, Pepper.
Sending Light?️

Hi Angels, I wanted to thank you again for the Muffin’s Halo for Pepper. I thought you might have wanted to know that I had to put her down yesterday, but the time she had the Halo truly did help her, so thank you again. ~Chris Garcia


Just wanted to say thank you for the Muffin’s Halo for Pepper. It’s definitely helping her and she’s starting to walk around a lot more. She still has a long road ahead of her building her strength back but this is a great first step. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you, Grateful Dad & all of the Angels. ~Chris Garcia


Pepper is a 10 y.o. Boston Terrier. My mom got Pepper for me when I was in college, because nobody wanted her. Her teeth were rotting, she had tumors all over the place and we was malnourished. My ex girlfriend hated her because of her appearance but i didn’t care, I loved Pepper. I got her teeth fixed, and did what i could about the tumors and every time I went to visit her she was so happy to see me. Recently she got cataracts and went deaf while staying at my Moms.

We let her outside and she knows her way around the backyard. But one day she wandered too far and left the backyard; being a blind and deaf dog wandering the streets I thought I had lost her for good. But thankfully a neighbor found her a few blocks down from us holding up traffic. I’ve tried to make my own blind harness for her, but everyone keeps telling me to just give up on her and let her finish her days. She still has a lot of heart and loves going outdoors, and with me moving her into my own place soon I will have to help her adapt to the new environment. I will never give up on Pepper. ~Chris Garcia, NM



Dear Silvie and the wonderful Angel Gaetan that donated Benji’s Halo! THANK YOU so much for your generous donation of a Halo for our Benji. We’ve just moved into a new home and the Halo has been great in helping Benji find his way around and navigate his new environment. Please find a couple of pictures attached of Benji in his new home. With much thanks and best wishes, Sue, Kate and Benji


Benji is a 9 y.o. Maltese-ShihTzu he was surrendered by his original family at 6 months old. They had brought him home to their older dog who didn’t appreciate his persistent enthusiasm and vivacious nature so swiped his eye out. Although Benji doesn’t like other dogs, he was put with another 6 month old pup (Oscar) in the animal shelter and they got along so famously that the shelter would only adopt them out together. We were only looking for one dog but after meeting the two of them, there was no doubt in our minds. We brought home double the love we were looking for.

Although the two were very happy together, Benji never liked other dogs and became vicious towards them. Roughly 6 years after bringing them home, my sister came home to the happiest dogs trotting up to her with his eye popped out. We’re not sure what exactly happened but we believe he was trying to get under the fence to next doors dog and popped his eye out. He was rushed to the vet but after surgeries and lots of hoping, he never regained his eyesight and it was best to remove the eye.

Throughout all of the vet visits and pain he must have been in, his tail never stopped wagging (for humans). Benji has adapted extraordinarily with the help of his buddy Oscar and the bells on his collar. Now however, we are moving house and are very concerned about the effect this will have on Benji and his poor little head as he navigates and becomes used to new setups.

Benji is extremely active! Although he is getting older, he’s still just a puppy at heart and loves playing with Oscar and rolling around on the bed. He still loves going for walks, even if he relies heavily on his humans ensuring he doesn’t crash.
Sue Richter, VIC



Hi Silvie !!! ~I’m just writing to let you know that I received my Muffin’s Halo !!! It is so pretty !!! Red looks good on me ?. I’m getting used to it but so far so good. Yesterday, I went to my vet office and I was able to walk all over the place without hurting my head if I bumped into a wall since it was a new place for me. I’m such a lucky girl !!! Me and my mom are very grateful for this gift and we want to thank you for all that you do for dogs like me. Thank you for finding a way to make our lives easier.
Love, Renatta 

Renatta is a 1 month old Cocker Spaniel. She was born blind as a result of being a double-merle crossing. A victim of a back yard breeder. She is a very sweet puppy. Her activity is very low. Not like a puppy at all. We are hoping that will change with a Muffin’s Halo. I am sure it will once she is feeling confident. We found out about your organization on the internet. We only want to keep our little girl safe and happy. Please consider our girl for a Muffin’s Halo Generous Dad. Thank You.
Majel Gonzalez, FL



Dolly received her Muffin’s Halo! She is adjusting to it and her blindness. Thank you so much for helping her Silvie & The Angels. I’m so very grateful for your help.~
Anita Brunner, Kansas


Dolly is a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel. I got Dolly out of a shelter when she was 4. She had full cataracts so I had them removed. After about a year she developed glaucoma. With treatment she still lost one eye. The remaining eye did okay with the treatment of 12 drops a day until the last few months. Pressures began to rise and her last test showed the pressure up in the 60s. Yesterday she had a chemical ablation so now she is completely blind. Her activity level is low due to her age. Since her procedure yesterday she just walks around hitting her head on walls and furniture. She’s having a hard time getting her bearings back. Thank you for considering Dolly for this gift. ~ Anita Brunner

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